Product Reviews and Frustrations

As I buy, get free or dig up out of my hard drive software and try to use it I will give the low down, the details, the frustrations, the exaltation’s (that the damn thing finally works), the what happened with customer service, the final decision – does it really work and should You acquire it.

BTW I am no tech geek, have troubles turning my computer on, understand no language (not even english and that’s my native tongue).  So if I can make it work – I don’t want to here nothing from you. Except, I’ll buy it from you.



ACTION:  Refunded $39

I purchased on 2.21.11 and as of 3.14 the product still did not work.  They kept saying an update was coming, but it never did.  Well, to be fair, it did, but the update itself would not work.  Too bad, because the software idea was a good one.  Maybe in time it will work.  It was suppose to be traffic generation software with article writing capabilities that focuses on the keywords.  I think, please correct me if I’m wrong. I have forgotten now.

My big problem with the whole shebang was that getting a refund was damn near impossible.  Nine times I had to keep going back to Clickbank and ask for refund and CCBC tech support would change it back to support.  Whatever happened to ‘No problem refund regardless the reason’.

They say Google changed their algorithms, well whatever, I don’t think forcing me to wait over 3 weeks to get my money back is good business.  From what I hear I am not the only one having this problem with CCBC.

Steven Lee Jones, you may be a great affiliate software maker but in my book you are a scam artist.  The way you handled the bad software issue was very poorly, I’ll not put money back in your pocket again.

Please feel free to comment, maybe you had a better experience.





ACTION:  Refunded $47


ACTION:  Refunded $297

I watched the videos to see what they were about.  They are about too much for me.  I do not do CPA offers right now and not going to change my game plan just so that I can use this software.  I think it would be awesome once you grasp what you can do with this, just beyond me right now.

If you have tried this leave a comment and tell us what you think.





FROM:  I think it’s from Steve Iser (correct me if not)

ACTION:  Refunded $197

I liked it.  I bought it because I could not figure out what the software was suppose to do from his sales pitch, looked interesting.  Refunded it because I have free software somewhere on my computer that does this.  Not paying $200 bucks for something I already have (somewhere).  His is a Word Press plug-in and I like it, it’s not difficult.  I don’t think it’s worth $200, but then again I did not actually use it so it might do more than I realize.  Oh, the plug-in puts ads/banners in your post from clickbank.

Tell me your experience with it.


MASS MONEY MAKER:  The Mass Money Method & Super Affiliate Technology

FROM: Matt Bacak and Alen S.?

ACTION: Refunded $47

I expected/better more from Matt, he has put out some excellent stuff before now.  Nor was I in the mood to be a guinea pig while he trained a new kid the ropes.  The videos where terribly long and senseless.  Alen talks softly, fast and mumbles.  He did a lot of the talking and kept asking Matt questions.  So I am not sure if he was asking for support or just trying to keep Matt in the loop.  The worst was the fact that the video was unscripted so there was a lot of jumping around and repetition.  I kept getting lost, tired from trying to understand Alen and not knowing what they were trying to show me.  The video was of poor quality, couldn’t see their screen very well and looked to be unedited.

I finally figured out the videos were really for newbies?  They told us about software but then used other software.  I kept going back to the video to see what is was I was suppose to be doing, but never really figured it out.

Sorry this doesn’t make any sense, but the product didn’t either.  I finally gave up and asked for my money back.  I had had for almost 60 days made no money – couldn’t get it implemented.  Their sales pitch was I could get a refund after 72 hrs if I don’t make money with it.  I didn’t.  I refunded.

Please fill free to add your comments below about the product.

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