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List Building Technique

Listen closely, this is great stuff! Try it out and see what happens…

It’s basically this:
1. Do the double optin. The bigger your list grows the more expensive it gets, so start weeding out the ones who won’t give a good email and will not open your email from the start.

2. After they have signed up on your squeeze and are now on your download/thank you page for that free report, let them download the report. Then below the download link put a “WAIT THERE’S MORE…”, “PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL FIRST AND GET MORE…(whatever it is you’re giving away for free-make sure it’s very good quality).

3. Also make sure the ‘more’ is related to the report/product you gave away on your squeeze page. Preferably something that will help enhance or add to it in some way.

4. Don’t Sell! Recommend something to them, but don’t sell.

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