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This page is for the rest of you.  You work hard and forget there’s more to life than work.  OK, At first your desperate and you go none stop until the money comes in, then you get excited and go full bore.  Take it easy, remember the rest of you – mind, body, soul, family (even if it’s just your pet).  Below are some things that helped me and could possibly help you.


Dear Internet Marketer:  Get in Shape!





I know sitting at the computer all day keeps for a very fat butt and flabby abs.  This book gave me some excellent tips for eating, exercising, detoxing my body.  It also showed me how I was sabotaging my efforts and the best way to keep me active and involved in body.  Things I just didn’t really think about – like having an optimum body increases your efficiency and productivity.  That goes for mental as well as physical.

In truth, it’s not that hard to do and I have noticed my energy increasing, weight dropping and mentally my mind is finally starting to wake up (I thought it was a gonner for sure- it was so slow to catch on to things).  You can do this book as fast or as slow as you want, I took the medium slow route.  Learning how to eat better – and I mean really better – is a bit of a slow process for me (junk food is a bad additive habit – but the book shows you how to get over it in a very easy way it- just takes time).

However I really like the detoxing my body as I think that is the big thing that is really helping me.  There’s a website that goes with the book and talk about finding lots of info and articles.  And if I don’t shut up now I wont ever.  Too bad there is no affiliate program with this book.  Well, anyway I think it is well worth it, give it a try.  Besides when the money comes in you want to be looking and feeling sharp and alive!!!

Oh yeah I also found an excellent place to get any piece of exercise equipment you could possibly dream up.  I got my kettleball, medicine ball, wrist/ankle weights and a muscle messager there at excellent prices and sizes for my activity level.  You’ll love it – so much there.


Need some encouragement in life or with starting and building your business with internet marketing?

We all do from time to time, hence the reason for this section on my site.  If you don’t need encouragement, it’s stability, rest, peace, fun and life!!  Occassionally, now don’t go and over do it, you just might have a lifestyle change and then start hiring other people to do the daily grind for you.  All you need is just a little here and there.  OK?

But for those of you that are new, this ebook should help you get it together and dive in to the wonderful frustrating world of “Newbie Internet Marketer”.  Where you go through this initiation where no one, except Chris Farrell, will tell you what you need to know to be successful online.  He tells it all, the dirty, the nasty insider secrets to online wealth.  No longer will you have to pay for useless scraps from the gurus… oh, oh!…sorry, got carried away.  Anyway, here’s a little bit of encourage to help you along.  It’s FREE just download and read it.












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