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Why Use Text Message Marketing

April 24th, 2011 No comments

Text Message Marketing is now available to You!  It’s very affordable, very easy to use and you can start right away…before your competition.

You can easily start your own text campaigns from anywhere your PC, Ipad, laptop or phone can go.  Text campaigns can be done within minutes and sent!

Why would you want to use YepText and text message marketing?  Oh boy!  Take a seat and check out a few reasons why:

•    There are 5+Billion mobile phones in the world.
•    Over 250 Americans in the U.S. carry mobile phones.
•    72% of users send and receive text messages.

•    97% of people open text messages.
•    The average person is within 3 feet of their cellphone 24/7.
•    Customer’s time spent on mobile devices is rising faster than time spent on any other form of media.
•    42% of mobile users earn over $80K a year.
•    Less than 1% of your competition is using it.
•    You’ll have the coolest business card and instant contact organization ever.

If that isn’t advertising heaven, what is?

By 2012 it is estimated that 10 Trillion text messages will be sent and delivered globally.  Are you in on this?