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Why Do People Fail Online?

May 8th, 2011 No comments

The internet is a big place with lots of things to do and more information than anyone in their right or left mind can handle.  And that’s the first problem…

Information Overload

To be successful most people know they need to stay focused.  But how in the world do you do that when there is so much information and you don’t know diddly squat.  Where do you start?  How do you research this?  Is it necessary to enter the scam infested waters to get to the other side?  BTW…just where is the other side?

Well, no matter what you’re gonna hit a few scams and dead ends no matter how careful you are.  Don’t get frustrated about it.  But if all you’re getting is scams, free information that is free of anything useful or paid big dollars only to have to pay more and more to get information that can’t be used because you don’t know how to start it or end it…then get out of the water!

Get back to the beach sit down, catch your breath and sort things out.  What did you want to do?  Say, maybe affiliate marketing – they say that’s the best place for a newbie to start.  Then stick with affiliate marketing.  You don’t need to know adsense, PPC, PLR, Ebooks, Social Media, Mobile, Local Business…

Next gather info on how affiliate marketing is done and write a step by step process for yourself.  A process that incorporates everything that needs to be done.  You may end up finding a few things out as you go along in your process, don’t freak out, write it down and keep working.  Don’t give up and jump to the next internet marketing method.  Stay right where you are.

Stay focused on the method of affiliate marketing.  It takes WORK to make it work and the first few times you try it, it will take a lot of time as well before you start seeing results.  Remember there is a learning curve, not matter what you do.

Now, armed with your step by step process, anytime any new information comes across your eyes think:

1) does this have anything to do with affiliate marketing?

2) does this have anything to do with the next step I am about to take in my process?

3) will it really help me with my next step, is the focus of the product the focus of my next step?

4) how will it help and do I really want to do that right now?

5) how time consuming will it be, how hard is it to implement?

6) for the money spent, will it produce me money and is it really worth the price and time involved to get it to work?

7) am I really going to use it right now and can I return it if it does not work like I want and understood it to work.  What and where is the guarantee and return policy?

8) who are these guys that I am buying from?  what is their reputation and their products’ reputations like in the online community?

9) don’t worry, if you don’t get it now, more than likely you’ll be able to get it later.  don’t let the scarcity scare scare you.  If the product was really good, someone will make one like it or they will offer the product again later or you can go to their website or clickbank and buy it when you are ready for it.


You don’t have to have everything that is out in the internet marketing market no matter how great it is suppose to be.  If it doesn’t fit your plans now how great is it going to be sitting on your hard drive unused?  What could you have done with the money you spent on it to help you with what you are doing now?

Now you need a goal.  Why are you doing this? Need money to help pay a bill or two? Don’t think that you are going to be making 6 figures next week that is a bunch of hype.  Be realistic.  Can the income pay for a desperately needed new car, braces for child’s teeth, mortgage payment, savings, better food, health care, clothing, charities, bills, vacation, big new toy…

Over time as you work your one method, improve your process steps and increase your income you can keep raising the cost of your goals till finally you reach the point where your internet income equals or exceeds your job income.  Then things start to get exciting because a whole new world has opened up to you and voila’ you have changed your life!!

Now that you are successful in this method…start the next one. ;}

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