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Who’s Fooling Who?

October 8th, 2012 No comments

Being ‘fooled’ reminds me of something Dan Kennedy talks about a lot, that was written by Napoleon Hill – and it’s something that will keep you from being Fooled – most of the time…

Accurate Thinking!

Right now especially, You, me, any Entrepreneur can be fooled on either extreme.

One being that ‘the sky is falling’ and the world is coming to an end and success is impossible. We’re being fooled that we might as well close down now and fire ourselves, or the government’s coming around the corner to do the job for us.

The other extreme, though, is to think, be told, and especially believe that “it’s all okay” and I can surely bet-cha that Zig Ziglar would say something like this “even positive thinking won’t get you out of this mess” and in case you or someone you know is still relying on “The Secret”…

Pass along our little secret to them…

Waiting for the Universe to come down – scoop you up – land you in a nice secure place with lots of rich people giving you money without work or providing value and thus making you immune to the Recession – it isn’t going to happen – I can think of a whole lot of things that’ll come true before that will.

My point, is that we have to protect ourselves, just like we want to protect our money, our family, our business, our customers…

We must also protect ourselves from being fooled, for better or worse.

And focus on what’s real and ACCURATE.

The Harder I Work At Doing More Of The RIGHT Things…The Luckier I Get and The More Money I Make

The key word that everyone leaves out is – The Right Things.

And if you listen to everything around you, you’d never believe that there is a way out, that there is simply nothing that you could do to climb up out of the Recession and survive.

There are…Some things you can do.

Everything you read and listen to, is about how, right now, there is an amazing opportunity to expand market share, eliminate competition, and still find success and money, albeit in different ways.

We never said it was going to easy and we certainly acknowledged what’s seems like a long time ago, that we are in ‘hard times’, but it doesn’t have to dictate what happens to you, you can still be in control.

And as long as you stay away from the Fools and keep from being one yourself – you’ll find that what you do right now to grow you business, to stay afloat, and to push onward and upward will have multitudes of impact when the ‘tough’ economy loosens and the Recession moves on…

Here’s the most accurate thing you can embrace and think about:

“There are no good economies, or bad economies, just different economies, each with their own opportunities hidden and available for you to profit from”

This week, I ask you, what are you doing to figure out these hidden opportunities, how are you adjusting and exploiting the Emerging New Economy – last month, last week, today, tomorrow – focus on what is and continue striving for what you want.

Be flexible and adjust and commit to WORKING HARDER at DOING MORE of the RIGHT THINGS!

And Protect Yourself from the Fools at all costs – and as you know the best way to do that and to keep from being one yourself – is to get around and hang out with other People like You and Me – people focused on Accurate Thinking and who aren’t interested in putting their life on hold – for anyone or because of anything…


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