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What’s Up With The FTC?

October 1st, 2009 No comments

Apparently somebody woke them up.  Like all government agencies they felt they had to write something to justify their existence.  But do you think they could write something that made sense and ACTUALLY solved the problem?

Of course not.  DUH!  double DUH!  Actually I would just settle for something that just made sense.  Asking for it to solve a real problem is a bit much.

Anyway, if you could not make heads or tales out of their scribblings or screeching here is a real good interpretation that should help you out.

New FTC Thing Is A Bigger Deal Than You Might Think

Frank Kern has kindly spelled out the law for us.  It’s good reading and as always a bit hilarious.  But read it, you must.  Understand it, you should.  Stay out of trouble, that’s up to you.

Frank has also been generous and shared his past experience with the FTC with us.  Read and learn.  Or at the very least, keep in mind the lessons from his experience and the new law.

Frank Kern FTC: What it’s like to sued by the FTC

There is one thing you really need to pull out of this.  GET A FTC KNOWLEGDABLE LAWYER on you team right away.

Here is a website that might prove interesting and useful for internet law.  Go take a look.

This is not a plug for the lawyer, but the site has information that could prove valuable to you.  Unless you are a multi-millionaire I doubt you could afford him.  But nothing says you can’t make use of the information he puts out.

At the very least, take the new law seriously.  Your blog may not be fake, your testimonials may be true, but, apparently if everyone can not achieve those exceptional results and you have no documentation to support them…perhaps you should let them go.   Perhaps.

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