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Using the Power of Association

April 19th, 2011 No comments
The Power of Association

And I’m talking more than just Masterminding or hanging out with your mastermind group.

I’m talking about surrounding yourself in a “can’t fail” environment where literally everything you need to know,  do, get done, resources you can take advantage of and people who can help are there.

Yep, this will take some time, practice and experience to build this environment for yourself.  But happen it must.

Let’s pick on President Obama.  He did it and look what happened – He became our next President.  I am talking about the circles of politics, leadership, and influence.  His secret was the connections that he made, the relationship that he solidified, and the circles he traveled in.

I’m not taking anything away from him, at all,  in fact, I’m complimenting him – on his tactics. Things like the use of social media to help position himself, gain credibility, tell his story and create a personality all by talking directly to the little guys (that’s us). However it’s incredible what he’s accomplished, truly the American Dream.

Well, you should be living your American Dream also.  Social media is only one avenue, but it is a big avenue and it’s also in our future.  Social media and mobile marketing go hand in hand with building your business with internet marketing and creating your ‘Power of Association’.

Obama did not do this overnight, he built his presence and power over time piece by piece and you can do the same.  Don’t spam your presence, don’t push it on others and don’t try to be a part of everything.

Pick specific avenues to use and use them well.  Get help to manage your “campaign” and start building your Powers To Success starting with the items I’ve listed below.


Build ‘Associations’ that give you the winning edge.  Consider it a Political Strategy if you wish, no question it works.  But a strategy it is and a strategy is a well thought out plan of action.  Be sure to take the time to plan yours.  Involve others that have expertise or experience in the areas you plan on using.

You need people who believe in you.  People more experienced AND less experienced than you.  You need a place to talk, test, and experiment your business Ideas.  People who can guide you, give feedback, and suggestions.  You need an environment where marketing and success strategies are there when you need them the most.

No one becomes successful, gets wealthy, or stays either, by themselves – it takes a team, an association, and the proof as they say is in the pudding – in the form of our President and his rise to the top, literally, of the World, and now the only question is, will you learn from his success.

You don’t need to like him, believe in him or such to use his strategies for his Power of Association.  You can customize it to fit your on personalized strategy for growing your own Power of Association.  Bottom line is just do it. 

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