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For the Top Spot, The Ranking is…

November 5th, 2009 No comments

Don’t use Squidoo and HubPages!

By Tim & Steve of  Commission Blueprint

There is always lots of talk about what “web 2.0″ platform actually ranks better in the SERPS…and of course , it’s constantly changing as Google slaps Squidoo or Hubpages etc.

Everyone has a theory, but not a lot of people have hard data…until right now that is.

We are quietly building a massive research tool that will allow us to do Internet marketing research like no one has ever done before.

It will literally be game changing..and you’ll hear about it sometime after the Holidays.  You’ll also be able to get access to the data yourself…to do your own research…but…more about that later.

We have already been doing some initial analysis and we wanted to share some very interesting Web 2.0 stats with you.

We looked at approximately 60,000 “popular” internet marketing keywords (we’ll explain our population samples better in the future…when we’re ready to share more about our research tool, but suffice to say that these are random keywords that have at least some kind of marketing value…i.e. not “chair” or something like that!)…to see what the level of penetration was for web 2.0 platforms in the top 10 Google results.

Interesting fact #1 – 15% of all keywords had an Ezine article in the top 10 listings!

Interesting fact #2 – Excluding Ezine articles, roughly 7% of the keywords had at least 1 web 2.0 platform in the top 10 listings.

Interesting fact #3 – Squidoo, Hubpages, youtube, and facebook all had about the same penetration (roughly 2.5% of the keywords) …, typepad, dig, and scribed were about 1/2 of those…coming in at about 1-1.25% of the keywords.

Interesting fact #4 – was the big winner.  For a keyword that has a web 2.0 platform in the top 10 organic results, it’s almost 3x more likely to be than anything else!

Conclusions ?

Well…I’ve always had a lot of respect for the potential traffic from an Ezine article…but, perhaps not THAT much respect.  It’s a pretty amazing statistic…and the first conclusion…is that Ezine should become an even more serious part of your marketing efforts.

In Addition, obviously…if you want to use a web 2.0 platform to enter the SERPS…seems like it’s a no brainer to use … owned by Google of course…but, I’m certain that has nothing to do with it.

Keep in mind, If you’re just looking for backlinks, any of these web 2.0 platforms remain sources…this analysis is only if you want to rank the page you’ve created.

Stay tuned for more fun…and an incredible wealth of research that will help you make money.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to look at even more keywords…and perhaps break down the penetration of Web 2.0 platforms by the number of competing pages…?  (evil laugh) Oh..there will be so much more!

UPDATE There’s more.  Go to the blog and read all about it.

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