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Tips on Traffic Search Terms

February 24th, 2011 No comments

A good reason to track what a visitor does on on your site and off your site is you can  see which keywords and keyphrases were used to help find your article.

This provides you with critically important data that can immediately help you improve the quality of your content…not to mention ROI (Return on Investment).

This is the scenario.  A site visitor use a major search engine to find your site.
When they do, they use a keyword or a keyphrase to find your content.  With tracking you can see those referring keywords & keyphrases.

So what can you do with this keyword intelligence?

By becoming aware how your target market finds your existing content, you can tailor new content to reinforce areas where you received market traction in frequency of interest.

Why write only what you want the market to know.  Instead, write what the market tells you they want to know.

Increase your ability to get a higher return from articles you write in the future by being more targeted.

I do suggest that you LEAVE all of your existing articles/content exactly the way they are and that you use this information to help improve future new quality original articles.

You can’t begin to know all of the factors that lead to the keywords being used to search for your articles and therefore changing the past may hurt future traffic attraction power for your articles.

And if you really want to go crazy over this – keep a database on the referring keywords.

What keywords is your site really pulling in?  Is it the keywords you planned on?  If not, how did you miss your target keywords?  What are you going to do about it.

Are the referring keywords making you money?

What do the visitors really want to read about?  Is that what your site is about?  Is it worth it to build another site that really focuses on referring keywords or keep the old one?

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