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Take on the Samurai and then Submit Yourself

August 24th, 2009 No comments

Internet Marketing:  The Way of the Samurai

Okay, you like the money but you absolutely l hate the time you spend having to do the research.  It sucks!  What if I could give you more time by letting someone else do the research, at your command, at anytime?  

FREE: The World’s Most Advanced Keyword Research Software

And what if it could do the majority of the work involved in getting traffic and content?  Would you make him your best friend?  What if I told you he was a Samurai?  The Market Samurai developed by Noble Samurai.  Some really advanced stuff here.  Somebody had their thinking cap on when they designed this software.  Way too many benefits available with this software to list here.  Go to  and read all about it.  You will be glad you did.
Internet Marketing:  Get to Know Those Directories
And for another massive time saver (drum roll please) …Here’s Howie with his list of 599 directories that you can submit your website to.  But I figure that by the time you submit to all 599 of them you will have retired from internet marketing.  So Howie’s willing to give you a helping hand with the submissions. 
STOP the drooling!  I know, almost 600 back links!  Think of the traffic you’ll get.  Think of the ranking you’ll get, if you live long enough to submit to all of them.  Here, use Howie’s help and well rise to the top.  Ahh…I can see the checks coming in now.  Ka-Ching!

Here is where you can find Howie’s “Big List of Directory Sites”.  Submit ’til you drop!!!  Go here:  for the list of all the directories.   
Go here if you want Howie to submit for you.

Jeeze, internet marketing, not what it use to be.  Thanks to technology, a one man band, can get a lot more done. Before you know it, all you will have to do to build your business with internet marketing is to push a button on your computer and poof it’s all done for you.




The Internet Marketing Myth

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