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Success by Association

March 20th, 2011 No comments

Success by association happens by being in a ‘success environment’ for the smartest, serious, and legit entrepreneurs, where real money is made, proven marketing is discussed, and advanced strategies are shared.

But most people, as in at least 80%, don’t really care about having a successful business.  Oh sure, they will talk about it, pretend it’s so, even preach, teach, and proclaim that they want to be an entrepreneur.

They are lying, it’s obvious, because their behavior tells you so.

Peoples actions speak loudly, very loudly, and where they go and what they do and the progress them make from one month to the next really does tell the truth.

There is no FOOLING anybody about your REAL goals.  Not even youself.

WHY, is this?  Quite simply, most settle for ‘feeling’ productive versus ‘being’ productive.  Most accept life as is, versus the life that could be.  All because of three very powerful, human paralyzing fears:  Fear of failure, Fear of success, Fear of other people.  The first two are internal issues, the second external.

And the only way to overcome these is by being around others that have already overcome them.  By being in a room full of authentic entrepreneurs who have already bucked the trend, said ‘screw the system’, and are fighting for their goals, dreams, and ambitions as an entrepreneur.

Here’s what I can tell you: You must stop fooling yourself.  You deserve better.

Still, you are going to be stuck, stuck, stuck with life as it is, so long as you continue doing the same thing, hanging around the same people, and avoiding The Success Environment.  Success by association really does work, the energy coming from a room full of hard charging entrepreneurs is overwhelming and enlightening.  It keeps you going, keeps your success coming.

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