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Stimulate Your Business Economy

May 12th, 2011 No comments

There are three things, behaviors really, that will do this for you.

First – Simply take action, doing something,  Massive Action.  If you want to change your circumstances right now, no better way than to Get Moving – Do Something! And if you are looking for a Government Bailout this week, watching TV or emailing your Congressperson – you wont be too successful that is known as Wasted Massive Action.

Second – It really is all about who you hang around and where you spend your time, your “Success Environment” I like to call it.  Economic stimulation is bound to occur the same way Idea Stimulation does around Successful People and other people chasing what you’re chasing and doing what you’re out doing.  (or should be doing – get up off that tv)

Finally – and what I’m going to dedicate the rest of this note today towards is EXPOSURE TO & GATHERING OF all kinds of Information.  Being Opportunistic, Aware, Assertive, Ready.   One of the best ways to trigger the Phenomenon is to always be looking for opportunity and have your mind open to ideas everywhere you go.

There’s a reason why Jim Rohn’s famous quote says “Poor People Have Big TV’s, Rich People Have Big Libraries!”