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R U Running an I.M. Business and Running Out of Money?

September 8th, 2011 No comments

Manage Your Funds!…am I to late?  Sorry.

If you can’t do it yourself, find someone who can.  Find advisors, team members to your business, to help you manage it and give advice.  Thinking you can do it by yourself is a fool about to be separated from his/her money.  I know, you are speaking to the biggest fool ever, and I am still trying to work my way out of the financial whole I fell in.  I swear it is a bottomless pit.

Now that I am ready to listen to the right people no one is interest in talking to me.  It’s funny the way people treat you when you crash and burn.  You are suddenly worthless.  I do know one thing worth while-don’t do what I did.

Now I have to start over from a very negative position, tough, very tough to do.  Not only tough to do but also you have next to nothing to start with.  Definitely no money, very little in assets, just a smoking blazed trail behind you from your crash.  One thing you do have lots of; people who don’t believe in you, glory in your fall and the loudest naysayers you ever heard.  Tough spot, definitely.

Don’t give up.  The only thing you have left is your brain and all the information, software and products you bought.  You got, now use it.  Your hard drive and shelves is probably full information you bought, but have yet to use.  Go use it.  Time to learn.

Internet marketing is just like any other business – you need to run it by handling your money wisely and building it step by step. Please forget about the Push Button methods that are suppose to bring you tons of cash at the push of a button.  Please, show more respect for yourself, you know that is nothing but hype.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and if you try and hurry the process, you’ll spend yourself into the poor house and your internet marketing business will become a financial obligation instead!

What’s worse is that all that software you’ve got setting on your hard drive is worthless.  So what if you paid $5,000 for it, the guru you got it from is now giving it away for free as a bonus for a JV.  Very little if any of the stuff will bring you any money at the auction as you try to sell off your business assets for cash.  Maybe your desk, chair and shelves if you bought office furniture will bring you a few bucks.  But in Internet Marketing, unless you have your own developed products, you got nothing, except maybe a book, you can write about your failure in I.M.

Some networkers, in their unrelenting pursuit to ‘go the whole way’, resign their jobs and burn their bridges in effect sealing their fate in a do or die state of affairs.  It’s easy to do when you get all wrap up in the excitement of becoming rich overnight.

This may seem like a worthy attempt, but nobody respects a internet marketing martyr who turns a loss on everything in life because he or she wasn’t a savvy business individual.  Don’t let anyone talk you into doing this.

I did and the second I did, I knew it was a mistake.  A mistake I couldn’t undo.  I say again – manage your business and personal finances – don’t let anyone talk you into doing something foolish.  I can guarantee they wont’ be there when things go wrong, won’t loan you the money to help you and will only wont to get rid of you-you’re ruining their mojo – you’re a failure.

Don’t, I repeat, don’t spend all your revenue on products , training materials and seminar tickets while mortgaging your house, refinancing your auto and selling everything that’s not nailed down.

You require revenue in order to survive and without it, you can’t take your business to the next level.

Plainly put, you can’t ‘Go Diamond’ tomorrow if you don’t have the cash to pull through today.

There are many internet marketing leaders in the industry who make their way to the top by paying their bills by their monthly commission checks…

A few of them keep their day jobs while other people use a ‘funded proposal’ system that allows them to yield cash flow even when individuals don’t want to join their business or buy their products.

Remember, internet marketing pays little at first but a few months later, only after your business is stable and growing, will you be able to achieve wealth, freedom and growth at an exponential rate!

That day will arrive, but before that materializes, you need to be realistic and endure today… otherwise, you’ll never see tomorrow.  Well, at least, not the tomorrow you want to see…