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Product Launch equals Produced Garbage

March 2nd, 2011 No comments

Okay I have had enough!!

Enough of these so called miracle products that produce billions of dollars in just seconds!!  Alright so it isn’t that bad.  I do know to drop the amount to 1-10% of what they say at best.  Also never to believe their clickbank or paypal accounts – who knows what they were selling to get those results.

But how could something be such a great product if:

*5 minutes after you buy it they are in your email selling you another amazing product that does the same amazing stuff their product is suppose to do.

*You get the product and it does not work – you have to wait for an update or upgrade.  Was it working before?  Wasn’t this tested, tried and proven?

*Anybody know what customer service is?  If you do let me know.  From these product launch jokers I still don’t know.

*What’s with the sales video that you can’t turn off?  Who wants to listen to an hour sales video that says absolutely nothing until the last 5 minutes?  Even then you still don’t know what the product is suppose to do.

*Thank God they are on ClickBank or refunds would probably be hell to get.

*Speaking of videos…there’s nothing like a training video that you can’t see.  The screen is all fuzzy, the camera is always focused on the side of the screen that he is NOT working on, audio is fuzzy or the guy talks to fast or mumbles or has a terrible accent to boot.

*What’s the stupidity of the scarcity crap?  For crying out loud it’s on Clickbank do you think he’s really going to limit the number of sales?  That’s the only thing that is really making him money.

*My favorite is unstructured unscripted training video.  He doesn’t know what the heck he is doing and neither do I!

*Can ya tell I have been buying new products lately?  I also returned them.  Got better places to put my money.  I don’t mind if it’s not working right off the bat, but I do expect customer service right off the bat.

My suggestion, let the product sit out in the market for awhile then check the Warrior Forum for new products and see what kind of review the product gets.  Save yourself some frustration.

You can also check out my Product Reviews and Frustrations page and see the problems I am having with products I bought.  My way of getting back at scam artist and rewarding real product makers.

Anyway, let’s have some fun, please comment below on some of my issues above or with some of your favorite product launch product issues you have had with new products you bought.  Don’t get to raunchy, just get the point across in a fun way.