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The Problem With Traffic Exchanges

October 8th, 2009 No comments

The traffic exchanges get a bad wrap so often that many marketers only use them till they can afford a ‘better way’ to get traffic.  Some just totally avoid them calling them a waste of time.  Well, if you are going to manually click, it might waste your time.  But this is also a good way, especially if you are new to I.M., to see other landing pages.

Do these landing pages look gaudy with too many graphics, too much bold lettering, all red in color, hard to read, no idea what they are talking about?  Which ones make you stop?  Want to buy?  Been on the exchange for a long time?  What do these sites look like?  Study these.

But did it occur to you that the traffic exchanges don’t work because of you, not the exchange?  Many of these exchanges have between 200,000 to 500,000 or more members and are still growing.  That’s a lot for something that does not work.  Think about that.

I really doubt that a half a million people are going to pay for something that doesn’t work.  They do drive traffic to your website.  So what is the problem if it is not the traffic exchange.  Oddly enough it is the same problems almost all internet marketers have when they first start out.  Many do not catch their mistakes till later down the road, but by then they have washed their hands of exchanges.  Too Bad.

It is not a secret, many people just don’t ever figure it out.

One problem is not understanding how a surfer on a exchange surfs and how to build a opt-in/landing page that will catch their attention.   The second is NOT using a landing page.  The Internet Marketer would just rather send them to a long and (sometimes boring) sales copy page that, most likely the merchant put up.  If you are surfing, you are not going to stop and read that (unless it’s a Frank Kern sales copy).

Traffic exchanges are a completely different world.  But in reality, if you can create a squeeze page that can capture the attention of a surfer in 5 secs or less while they surf several exchanges at once – you have one heck of a squeeze page and should have no problem getting traffic from the rest of the net.

To learn how to profit from traffic exchanges and all the other many mistakes that so many internet marketers make click here and check this out.  Even if you don’t want to do the exchanges the info can still be applied.  If you can catch the attention of a internet surfer who is busy driving up his credits on several exchanges at once who has probably looked at over  several hundred sites already…well, the information couldn’t hurt.

Click here and make a few improvements. You won’t regret it.

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