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No One to Blame

June 17th, 2011 No comments


“no one to blame”, represents one of the most important aspects of success and the wealthy – it eliminates excuses.  I remember recently reading an article or something stating that in all times, in all economies, people get rich and people go out of business.

So, why then do so many people try to achieve business and financial success and so many fail…no matter in what economy.

It has little to do with what is going on around them,
and much more to do with what they are going around doing.

As example, even in an industry such as financial services, a good friend of mine and successful member, an entrepreneur who’s into multiple endeavors said to me just the other day…

“Sure, it’s hard right now, but there is so much opportunity.  People who’ve been burned and not communicated with properly are finally willing to switch advisors who otherwise wouldn’t have…I’m able to pick up a lot of business.  And I’m offering things that others don’t even know about, things that match what people need, now”

Why is he finding, making, creating (key words: ‘finding’ ‘making’ ‘creating’) ways to make an industry that has been hit as hard as any, in confidence, reliability, and credibility, etc.

It’s because of what He ‘does’, not about what others do around him.

Another little saying, “in every adversity, lies an equal or greater opportunity”.

Basically, I’m talking about ‘taking responsibility’ for where you are at and where you want to be.  Now, don’t get me wrong, we can pass the blame for the state of overall economy or the stock market, but there is no one to blame for the state of your life or business.  Its up to you to thrive; its up to you to prosper.

Here are the keys I’d focus on:

Know where you want to be.
Have a Plan to get there.
Go to work on executing it.
Make no excuses.
Adjust and continue.

And if you want the secret to going from improbable success to impossible failure…it’s that you must rise above the ‘general public’ and the situational economy and create your own universe to do business in.

It starts by surrounding yourself with other people who follow and buy into the same principles and being in an environment that supports your goals and objectives – and where you can be armed with strategies for Marketing and Money Making Success proven to work right now, when you need results and stability.

Take a breath of fresh air and relax, it’s always good news or bad news, for the most part though, you get to make your own news either way!

There’s no one to blame, so long as you take control and get busy doing the things that lead to success – you choose, same as anyone else, whether you reach your goals, now, later, or never – you choose, same as anyone else, whether you find ways to succeed now in this economy or you don’t.

Rest assured there’s people who aren’t sitting this one out, they are finding ways to conquer the recession, seize opportunity, and make the most of it – now – they are still moving forward, making money, starting new businesses, launching more projects, and chasing their dreams and creating their lifestyle…

And you can too!

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