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On the Money Path, New Marketing System

June 7th, 2010 No comments

When the news was full of tales of his financial ruin, Donald Trump talked about feeling like staying hidden at home.   But instead, he put on his tuxedo and went to an important gala.  Why?  Because he knew he could not possibly gain anything by staying at home.

I am sure it would have been less stressful, less embarrassing and far more comfortable to stay home.  I am sure many of you have and are doing it now.  But you can’t possible gain anything by doing that. (gasp! yep, got to get out that box)  You have got to place yourself in a position where at the very least good, productive, profitable things can happen.  And they do, if you are out there.  Think about it…When things are going their worst, this is the time when you need something good to happen.

So get your butt out the door and network, socialize.  Put yourself in the path of something good happening.  Opportunity doesn’t always come to your door, sometimes (most times) you have to go out and get it.  Opportunity likes to hang out with other opportunities.  Soooo: YCDBSOYA.


You can do these things at meetings, conferences, cocktail parties, community events, seminars, etc…I am referring to personal movement and placement.  There are newsletters, private clients, books, speaking engagements, radio talk shows, TV, serving on the board of important charities or events, serving others…

What’s important about movement and placement? Discovery.  Or more like Discovery of Me.  People will discover you, seek you out.  You will be come Sought Out.  This is marketing by attraction.  You, by being out and about, market yourself to others, giving others a chance to get to know you and become attracted to you, others have opportunities that can help you or you can help them.

Now let’s take this a step farther.

Your an Entrepreneur.  Let’s use place as a strategy in your marketing system.  In place strategy, there are obvious and non-obvious choices and the big breakthroughs come from the non-obvious.

Put yourself in more places than anyone in your category of expertise or service would normally put themselves.  Don’t limit yourself.  Step outside your box, get uncomfortable.  Be everywhere that is relevant, everywhere your ideal customer/clients are and be omnipresent in those environments.

Huh?  YCDBSOYA.  Put yourself in places where opportunity can occur.  Better yet, put yourself in places very relevant to your customers and clients.

Which now means you have to get to know very thoroughly your customers and clients demographics and lifestyle.

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