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Need Help With Your Traffic Generation and Ranking? Try These…

August 18th, 2009 No comments

Don’t have a lot of time to put into generating traffic or improving the ranking of your site?  Then try these services.  They’ll take a load off your hands.
Traffic-Bug completely automates Social Bookmarking, Directory Submissions, Search Engine Submissions and RSS distribution.

Directory Submissions is a technique that has been around for long time.   It is a great way to build a large volume of back links back to your site. A very large portion of SEO is how many back links you have pointing to your site.

RSS distribution is another very powerful method to raising your sites rankings and helping get a site indexed as well as improving natural traffic.

Search Engine Submissions. There are hundreds of search engines on the web and Traffic-Bug ensures that you will be listed on all of them. Currently the software already does 139 Search Engine submissions.

Social bookmarking is an extremely effective technique for getting new sites indexed faster by Google.  The links from social bookmarking sites can generate a nice increase in your sites rankings as well as increasing traffic.
Scribd is the largest social publishing company in the world — this website gets more than 60 million people each month who discover and share original writings and documents.  This is a site for those of you who love to write.  But more than that, take those old articles and send them here.  Don’t put them out to pasture just yet.  What about your opinions, comments and rantings that you could not quite put in a useful category on your blog.  Put them here.  Why? Well check out the stats:

    Tens of millions of readers every month
    Millions of documents shared
    More than 35 billion words
    More than 5 million iPaper embeds
    90 different languages

What an audience!  You can submit your content till your computer dies!  Just make sure you include links to your site.  Heck, you get tired of one language start submitting in another!
This is your free camtasia video.  What you can do with camtasia you can do with Jing but only for free.  So create those videos.  No more excuses.  It’s easy.  Even I figured it out.