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List Building Methods You Should Refrain From Using

February 13th, 2010 No comments

If you are looking for a quick way to burn money, I have a few methods below for you to follow.  Look, regardless of what that quick talking video, slick copywriter sales letter says or promises, you’ll lose it.  All your money and most likely get spammed to death in return or worse a very bad name for yourself and your site banned as well.

Please don’t do the ‘Buy Bulk Emails’

Okay so you’ll get a zillion names for ONLY $49.95!!  A Zillion email address to send to.  Heck all you need is two buyers and you’ve made money!

Think again.  Just how old is that list, when was the last time it was scrubbed?  And with today’s FTC laws and reg’s you could end up in a violation you really don’t need.  Now how many sales do you need?

By the way how long will it take you to email them all or until you get those sales you need?  Also, what kind of people are you mailing to?  Are they even remotely interested in your product?  Are they even alive?

‘Free For All’ is not as free as you think

If you don’t know what FFA’s are it’s probable because they really do not work today.  But they are a good way to get yourself spammed to the hilt.

Basically a FFA is where you submit your ad to supposedly 1000′s of site for free.  What you have really done is signed up to be on the operator’s spam list.

Highly unlikely there are thousands of sites and most likely they, like you, unwittingly signed up to be spammed.  This type of method only benefits the operator of the FFA.

Guaranteed Traffic

Now please read the above line again and again.  Guaranteed traffic.  That’s all it is.  They guarantee you traffic to your site.  NOTHING ELSE.  Read the above line again.  This traffic could be from anywhere,( most likely surfer traffic).  But one thing for certain very little will be interested in your product.  Let alone a qualified buyer.

So while getting 50,000 visitors for $39.99 (don’t forget that that price is a limited time special) sounds cheap compared to Google, Google would be a better choice.  At least with search engine traffic they are at least looking for what you are offering.

And there is a better way

Remember that List = Profits.   There is a simple step by step method to help you get your list built and built fast.  This method can be done in almost any niche.  No need to hire anyone, you can do it yourself.

List Building is how the top marketers do it.   They email their list of subscribers with a product offer any time they want money.   Yes, you can have your own ATM Machine as well just click this link .

Happy List Building

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