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Internet Marketing: Choose Your Internet Experience

August 13th, 2009 No comments

I know we all wish we could choose our experiences, especially those on the internet.  I mean, how in the world do you learn or know what guru is the right one to follow right off the bat?  Ocassionally we get lucky.  But what if…

You’re new to the internet. You did some research.  Mind’s made up, it’s the new trend.  It’s time to put your business online.   Your excited, can’t wait – thousands of dollars will be rolling in in no time.  Your gonna be rich!  No recession for you!

You know that you got to have SEO- it’s very important, as well as keywords, adsense, a catchy domain name, lead generation, blogs and some kind of host and zines and banners and ads and affiliates and links and…and…

And 4 months later your site is a mess,  not even half way done.  You’re fried. Smoke drifts from your credit card. You’re in debt. Are these 6 and 7 figure per month income producing gurus for real?  The light bulb turns on… you understand, their courses don’t work…for you that is.

You got suckered.  Credit card hangs exhausted from your wallet.  It’s still  to hot to touch and so are you.  You’re  no techie.  Had a heck of a time following instructions. If that’s what you want to call them.   Forget getting help.

But one thing you did catch on too….everytime you needed something to improve your site (for some reason you needed everything) you had to fork over more money.  Wasn’t it supposed to be included?  How are you suppose to make money?  Where are those thousands of dollars?

Does this nightmare sound familiar?  Very familiar for me.  That was my experience.  Maybe it was yours as well.

Now after reading all of the guru’s hype I was expecting to have the life I had always dreamed of.  That’s the life that was suppose to happen If I followed their instructions…

Oh yes, I can feel the breeze now…TROPICAL BEACH

It’s a gorgeous, beautiful sunny day outside.  You step lightly, energetically to your computer.  Easily slip into the expensive handcrafted chair.  Your hands float over the keyboard and magically things come together.  Just minutes later you are done.  You smile, even chuckle a little as you think to yourself how easy this all is.

You feel creative, masterful, in charge.  You ask and you receive.  The universe bends to your every desire.  Thousands flock to your award winning, profit generating websites to buy.  Search engines bow down to you.  And best of all, your bank accounts are bursting with money.  You’ve got more money than you know what to do with.  Even after helping hundreds of charities.

With grace and poise you rise from the chair.  Your body poster speaking volumes – I am Powerful.  You stand tall, relaxed and listen to the ocean waves calling you.   Aahhh, yes, it’s time for the beach, my friends and family are waiting.  Well, they didn’t have to wait long.  These systems I put in place does all the work for me.

Content with your days’ work, you head for the door.

Your credit card, dejected and rejected stiffles a sob.  It’s wonders when you’re going to use it.   It remembers, not that long ago, the two of you use to be hot together.  Smoking hot.

So what happened?  A gadzillion products and thousands of dollars later you are still in the nightmare.

Believe it or not, there are a few products out there that really do work.  You don’t need to be a tech geek, have a hugh ad budget, complicated SEO or be a MIT genius.   Certainly not.  Look at the guru’s, most of them can barely spell their name.  And just about all of them had a helping hand along the way and they were all broker than shattered glass.

Who’s going to help you?  Short of the Guru coming in from the beach – A good step by step detailed course that let’s you work at your own pace, at your own budget and with an excellent call center for questions is about as good as it gets these days.

If you are a small business that has a product then what you and most everyone else needs is a way to generate leads to your site and to get that site to convert the trafiic into paying customers.  What you need then is a course detailing all the ways one can generate traffic for free and to what your budget can handle.

Here are a few ideas that are popular today to get your brain thinking: video’s,  free offers, Stumble Upon, social media, Google Radio-TV-Print Ad, Press Releases, blogs-yours and others, free video’s that offer useful tips, direct mail, forums, charity functions, craigslist, articles, email ads and the list goes on.

Remember you don’t have to do all this yourself, you can outsource or task it to one of your employees. There is a way to generate traffic to fit any budget of time and or money.