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How to do Directory Submissions

May 16th, 2011 No comments

Let’s get started with the fast and easy stuff.

Before we do though, I’d like to share with you a quick perspective that I have on traffic generation.

First is this, I have one simple mantra when it comes to directory submissions, in fact all submissions. And that mantra is simply…


That simply means being committed to the marketing process and submitting with consistency.

Another quick note I’d like to make here if you don’t mind… I like to put traffic into two basic categories.

Those two categories are:

  • Slow but Solid: (The traffic here comes in slowly at first, it builds up over time and it’s solid for the long term)
  • Fast but Fleeting: (The traffic comes in fast. It pops like fireworks, but it can fade fast.)

And I also like to think of traffic as having “2 natures.”

Those 2 natures being…

  • Interested: (Interested traffic are people “just looking” and are not ready to buy.)
  • Committed: (Committed traffic are people already buying the types of stuff you’re selling and are more likely to buy, than not to buy.)

Perhaps later we can dive deeper into the “2 Traffic Natures” …for now, let’s look at today’s traffic generation method, which is directory submissions.

Directory submissions have been a long time staple of generating long term traffic and is part of the “Slow but Solid” category.

It’s important to have proper expectations from directory submissions. So, what can you expect? Well, you can expect the traffic to grow “gradually then suddenly.”

Directory submissions impact your site PR (Google Page Rank), your search engine position, your link popularity, it helps build site authority and of course all of these can lead to more visibility and more traffic.

All of this makes directory submissions a solid starting point in building a firm traffic foundation.

What we will cover here are the basics.

I’m sure for every person you meet that successfully uses directory submissions to generate traffic, they will have their own twist, spins, tools, ideas and so on. So, I welcome you to add to what I put here and to share your experience and ideas from your own directory submissions.

While I do have simple basic traffic generation methods that work, this isn’t about me having all the answers. So I welcome your contribution as well as your questions.

So let’s begin with Directory Submissions for Directory Traffic.


  • Identify the URL(s) you want to submit.
  • Research & identify keywords.
  • Identify categories you want to submit to.
  • Create a short description of your site.

NOTE: Many directories require you to submit a short summary of your site in 50 words or less. Keep it concise yet appealing and relevant to the category under which you will be submitted your site.

Directory Selection and Submission

  • Choose manual, semi-automatic software or outsourced submissions.

Manual Submissions

  • Identify directories relevant to your product/service, niche or industry.
  • Ensure the directory is geographically suitable.
  • Sign up to directory before submitting if required.
  • Submit your site using the site’s submission procedure.

      These are different for each site, but usually involve completing a standard form with the url, description, and category of your site.

  • Check your email inbox for confirmation urls.

      Some directory sites require you to confirm your submission by opening an activation email with a link to a special code on their site. Also note that some sites are hand-edited so your entry may not appear immediately.


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by Stephen Pierce