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How To Build A Tremendously Successful Online Business…Exposed!

August 31st, 2011 No comments

by Chris Farrell


Here’s A Powerful Tactic For High Impact Online Marketing!

EVERY contact – you have with ANYONE – is important!

Repeat that after me…

EVERY contact – you have with ANYONE – is important!

A lot of newcomers to this business forget this — they are too busy trying to make a sale.

Any successful business – is based on relationships.

This has never been truer for a web based business.

That means that every email you reply to – every autoresponder message you send – every article you write – every forum thread you post – every Facebook comment you make…is important.

Every contact – you have with anyone – is important.

start quote…every email you reply to, every autoresponder message you send, every article you write, every forum thread you post, every Facebook comment you make…is important…end quote
– Chris Farrell

Now – you can easily spend money on a classified ad — or Pay Per Click — or some other method to drive traffic to your site…

…but a technique a thousand times more powerful than this –
is the personal contact you have with individuals.

When I began my web business — I made a pledge to myself to reply personally to every email I received.

I strongly believe that this was a major contributing factor
that allowed me to start earning $250/day (not every day but certainly a lot) — 6 months after I started.

I also remember clearly when I would email other marketers. 9 times out of 10, if not 99 times out of 100, I would not get a reply.

Occasionally however — I would. And even today — it’s those rare individuals that replied — that I have a special affinity and bond to.

And STILL to this day — it’s these marketers that I listen to and open their emails.

As soon as you begin to get emails from visitors to your site — or from members of your list – most — if not all — of these emails will not make you any money. At least not yet.

However — more importantly than making some money immediately (yes there is something more important if you want longevity in this bizz) is the relationship you are creating — by replying to these emails.

And those that are very successful in this bizz — know this.

So stop seeing dollar signs in your eyes. And start to realize that every contact with anyone – is marketing.

People WILL remember a personal reply.

Yes – it will take time.

No – this business is not get rich quick.

But spending a little time nurturing and creating a relationship is time very well spent.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again…

…if you are good to your list — when the time comes – your list will be good to you back.