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My Halloween Musings

October 30th, 2009 No comments

Dorothy, you’re NOT in Kansas anymore…

The landscape, it’s different.   The way to do business changed unnoticed.  Dorothy, where did your traffic go?  The Big Bad Witch Google and her minions have been acting really strange lately.  A bit uppity.  But the Old Witch is not interested in you and if it pleases, she’ll take the rest of your traffic.

Not to mention the other Wicked Witches, FTC and Attorney General, are busy casting ugly spells on marketers who have been busy tricking the good citizens of Oz.  The Munchkins and Hobbits say it’s about time someone did something to those tricky marketers.  Watch what you do, you might get hit with an massive ugly spell.

Where’s Kansas?  You’re conversions have been sucking way too much wind lately and to boot, clicks cost more, profits are down and it’s getting worse.  What’s going on?

The people who did search for your keywords are now searching for different words.  Leave it to Harry Potter and his friends to start a new search trend.  What kind of magic is this?  The people are different.  They think differently.  No more leave it to Beaver.  Beaver left and didn’t tell you.

Now instead of being Humpty Dumpty sitting high up on the wall raking in the profits, you’re down picking up the pieces of what use to be profitable campaigns.  The market is changing. Things were better last year.

And while you are down there picking up the pieces, you notice how busy and crowded it has become.  There are new goblins in the market.  Goblins with money that, according to the economy, they aren’t suppose to have.  Worse, they are driving prices up and screwing stuff up.  Damn Goblins!

You look up the wall and notice that there is an even bigger gap between affiliate marketers.  Very few at the top and a huge writhing mass at the bottom where you are now.  What happened?  It’s down right difficult to make money now.  Not like the good ol’ days.  The Magic is gone.

Making things even more difficult is the Big Bad Witch.   Her minions of monkeys have been threatening you with low Quality Scores, demanding better sites, landing pages and overcharging for clicks.  What’s an affiliate to do?  Who’s gonna help you Dorothy?

The Fairy Tale Land of Big Profits is about to be over-run.  Oz, it’s capital, is in turmoil.  Chaos will reign supreme!  Or will it?  Will you allow yourself to lay down in the poppy field and slip into oblivion?

The Good Witch, just before she left Kansas, left a message:  See The Wizard.

The Wizard, the Top CPA Marketer, is in and has plenty of tools, gadgets, strategies and tons of out-of-the box thinking caps to help you.  He’s a wise Wizard, been at the CPA game a long, long time.  But you must go to him.  So follow the instructions below very carefully.

Click your mouse on the link below 1 time, close your eyes and say “I want to be a Top Marketer”  3 times.


Happy Halloween!!!

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