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March 14th, 2011 No comments

You can’t get rich by cutting expenses, that will only get you so far…
You get rich by EXPANDING income beyond expenses…

Now, let me say, I’m talking practicality here and with some logic and common sense.  For example, I don’t mean wasteful spending and living on credit or “using your house as an ATM” and the wasteful spending of big dumb companies…that’s stupid.

But what’s worse is to think you can “cut your way out of trouble”.

You should always try to run lean and mean.

Know that Success doesn’t come without Investment.  You’re business can’t survive by simply cutting expenses…you must identify “expenses” versus “investments”.

There are things that you can do without and survive…and once you eliminate those things, I ask you a very important question:

Now What?  Oops.

What’s your plan – to stay where you are right now, forever?
To grow gradually, working more hours, slowly getting things going again?
Or to cut yourself to the bone, to last a few more months, then close for good?

Listen, there aren’t many options.

Until you embrace the ONLY way to get rich:


You see, it’s the more exciting answer, and in this case it’s the right one too!

It may sound simple, yet, what exactly are you doing to – make more money – !?!

After you’ve gone through the handful of items you can eliminate from your budget, the monthly charges on your credit card, etc etc etc.  Yeah, you need to leave the credit card alone if you can’t pay it off each month.

You know what you realize…I do, because I’ve been there…you realize that there wasn’t as much there to eliminate as You thought!  And oh does that suck!

So, again I ask you the important questions – Now What?

Let me give you a quick analogy, then I’m going to be very blunt with you and finish off with some “make money now, take action ideas” you can jump on – today.

“If you fight the war to save your life You will die – If you fight the war WITH Your life, you can survive”

Now think about that for a moment.  Those people who attempt to “just get by” in other words “save their life” have no chance – it’s poverty mentality!

People who strive to succeed with everything they’ve got – will survive, to fight another day – and are they only ones who have an opportunity to go beyond surviving – and thrive!

I hope that makes sense to you, internalize it and focus on your business, not just on getting by, but on success, and growing your income, expanding your opportunities, and be determined to MAKE MORE MONEY!  Or in some cases start making money.

The best news of all is cutting expenses is limited, very limited, making more money has no limit.  Only your imagination, determination, opportunities, and knowledge base can limit it.

What can you look to eliminate…here’s the test I use.

Is this in anyway attached to making money, supporting my ability to make money, assist me in knowing what to do next, or adding an element of happiness and enjoyment to life that leads to me being more productive?


Is this something that is a ‘wasteful’ expense that adds nothing to my knowledge base, abilities to make money, build resources that could be profitable, etc.

For example, I would never look to eliminate buying books, certain magazines, certain TV channels, or anything that is an “actionable” marketing and money-making resource.   You see I never sit around wondering what to do next, or how to make money, because my life is filled with the tools, resources, and information outlets, and people that drive me towards where I want to go.

That said, I would consider eliminating, (1) trip to Starbucks daily (horrors of all horrors-I know), an evening out, a dinner, and a movie, perhaps a vacation or two, entertainment magazines, memberships to social clubs or groups…

Again, I said ‘consider’ – my point here is this – when you look at the things you want to eliminate consider which ones bring you money and which ones take your money – bottomline.

I know the more I learn, the more I invest, the more I’m around people going places and doing things — the more money I make and the fewer times I think about cutting out ANYTHING in my life enters my mind.

Finally, I’ll tell you this, opportunities are all around You.

I’m on track to reading at least 1 book each and every week.  I’ve never felt better than when I’m fueled up on information and constantly learning, it keeps my mind focused and always alert and open to opportunities and improvements.

On top of all that I learn from watching others, talking to others, listening to others –

One of the worst things that can ever happen is for you to be ‘stuck’, ‘drawing a blank’, ‘feeling lost’, about what to do, what’s next, and how to move forward…that can’t happen when you’re in the right places, with the right people, and reading, learning, devouring, all the right marketing and money making information!

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