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EzineArticles I did not know…

May 7th, 2011 No comments

Here’s something I did not know Ezinearticles does, allows you to submit your email newsletter.  What a great way to get traffic! And of course more subscribers!  Heck I thought EA was only good for article submissions for backlinks to your site.  And lately they have been chincee at that after getting a great big Panda slap in the face.

An email newsletter or ezine is a great way to build a relationship with potential customers, gain more trust with present subscribers and generate more website traffic.   It’s one of the best methods to build your permission-based email list of qualified and interested customers.  You know, the ones that fund your personal ATM machine.

Helping you do that is EzineArticles’ sister site . When you submit your ezine to, it gets promoted via the BestEzines RSS feeds that reach thousands of people interested in new email newsletters centered around your category or niche. Not only that, fellow email publishers, marketers and members will rate and comment on the quality of your ezine (uhmn, better make sure you have a good newsletter that provides great value).

If you have an account with EzineArticles you can submit your newsletter from their website.   The submission form is available under Author Tools in the Author’s Area.

Great Internet marketers know that having a precisely-targeted email list is like money in the bank. If you don’t have a newsletter or ezine, make it one of your immediate goals to add it to your online marketing campaign.

Hey here’s another tip for you:  don’t forget to promote relevant products to your list.  Get them trained to expect one or two max promo’s per letter.  Don’t spam and make sure you use the product or have used it and make it darn right relevant to the content in the letter and how it will benefit them and/or how they can use it.  Do expert interviews, videos, let experts right your articles with you chiming in occasionally with your own articles and …

If you already have newsletter, submit it today to or via your EzineArticles membership account and watch your subscriber base grow!  Only takes about 2 minutes to list your Email Newsletter on BestEzines and then you’ll get more exposure for years plus a link back to your site! :)

Also here’s one more tip to help your list grow.  Why not syndicate your newsletter, after it has been sent to your list then send it out to be syndicated.   Ahh, what a way to build your business with internet marketing!

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