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Egg or Conversion?

October 24th, 2009 No comments

Which came first – the chicken or the egg?

For those marketing on the internet it would be; which came first – the lead or the sale?  The traffic or the conversion?  Well that seems pretty obvious, huh! The answer is …?  Confused?  Think about it.

Why do so many of you work on the traffic when your site does not convert?  The question is which should come first?  Traffic or conversion?  The conversion.

If the entire world clicked to your site and you did not get one single sale, did all that traffic make a difference?  Did you make money?  You spent a lot for sure, but produced none.

Go to your website and check it’s conversion rate.  Are you happy with it?  Could you be doing better?  It is not always the ad that is the problem.

Is your site a:

mess? stuff all over it, unorganized, confusing, full of animation, lots of large bolded headlines that really say nothing, opt-in box way below the fold, a long and boring video, a long and boring sales copy, no reason or benefit for why the consumer should buy from you, no sense of urgency, way too many graphics – looks like Las Vegas, beautiful but lost,  paid way too much for the site,  too much about you or your product and nothing about the consumers problem being solved, just plain not organized, does not tell the customer what he/she should do next,  are you to proud of/in love with your site to change things.  And this is just a few out of many things that could be wrong.

Bottom line if your site does not catch the leads attention in 3 seconds or less you’ve lost out.  If it does not explain to them how there problem is solved with you in the next 3 – 5 seconds you’ve lost out.  If they have got to search for the buy button you’ve lost out.

If you are running analytic software (Google for one, it’s free) on your site you can see where they left, how long they were on each page and what keywords brought them to the page and if they came back.

You must get your site to convert first.  Then blow it away with traffic.

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