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Credibility How can it Help You?

September 19th, 2011 No comments

Without Credibility You Ain’t Nothin’ Honey

People don’t know who you are so for them to establish some sort of trust or worthiness they always go back to the one question we new entrepreneurs hate:  So how much money you making?

Don’t curse them, I am just as guilty when someone is trying to sell me something.  You probably are too.  But what else is there to go on?  No one knows you.  What have you done?  As far as they know, and rightly so, you are the next big scammer to drift in to town.

The reason for the question is you forgot to establish credibility for yourself.  They have nothing that they can check you out on.  It could be things like:

  • where are you from, interesting family history or a family name known for…that you could use
  • who do you associate with, use them for leverage if it is positive
  • what big charity events do you support-make sure your brand or logo is very present or ask to give a short speech
  • what organizations do you belong to – leverage their good name
  • is your ‘story’ about yourself verifiable,
  • do you have verifiable and reliable studies to back up your claims for your service/product
  • do you have testimonies (honest-not from fiverr) from real people that use your service/product
  • do you do what you say you are going to do and people can back you up on it
  • have you authored a book, articles you have written and published
  • have you established a track record or always do…… in whatever it is you do?
  • have you been interviewed,
  • done a few speaking engagements
  • put yourself on cable-local TV, radio, newspaper
  • made videos with you in them discussing your system/product and then syndicate it
  • have you established a brand and logo for yourself
  • are you contactable-is your phone, email, letters, test answered in a timely matter and with courtesy
  • do you exhibit good behaviour in public and in social media (no Mel Gibson blunders)
  • known or established coaches, mentors or references who can speak for your integrity and personal growth


These few things will get you started in building your credibility.  It won’t happen overnight, it will take several months to the rest of your life.  But what you are basically doing is raising awareness about yourself.  Start this first before you work on your product or downline.  This is business and reputation is all you got.  People want to trust people.

Once you’ve got your brand going on strong you can do like Dan Kennedy and Donald Trump in using credibility.  But, that may not always be the best way and definitely not for newcomers to the credibility game.  Remember Obama?  Okay, I know your trying to forget him but he was a relative nobody and look what he did with using the power of association.  He fulfilled his dream of becoming the next president of the U.S.  He used a lot of social media.

One thing you need to decide before you start your own little business is do you really want a business?  Are you really serious about it?  Or are you full of hot air?  Do you really want to be successful or just talk about it.  Because to continue building your business you will have to have success by association to other successful entrepreneurs who are driven to succeed.  You will build on each other and help each other.

You don’t need to do the entire list above all at once, but review and start to implement things into your program.  Do what you know you can do and maintain – don’t be sporatic.   Remember people buy from people they trust and like.