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Creating the Phenomenon

April 27th, 2011 No comments

The Phenomenon

What is the Phenomenon? The process of achieving more rapid growth/expansion and success than you have ever achieved before. Like achieving 10 times more success this year than you have in the last 12 years combined. There are 3 major triggers regarding the Phenomenon that you can employ to help you achieve the Phenomenon.

First, have a method of gathering and processing Information, specifically worthwhile informative info about your business, marketing, world news & trends and as it applies to you/business. By receiving information on an ongoing basis you’ll able to keep on track with progress and not get caught up on the “cycle of work” and just doing the same thing everyday.

So, in order to achieve Phenomenon levels of success, you have to have a constant flow of new information that challenges your thinking and forces progress beyond the norm.

Next, have a team in place, whatever you want to call it, in various forms and sizes. Without a doubt, one person is limited and can only do so much. If you want to experience the Phenomenon you have to find ways to do more, get more done, have more things in motion, than any one person is capable of.

From outsourcing services, to delegating tasks and responsibilities, to hiring and overseeing staff, as you climb to higher levels of growth and success it is just a simple truth that you must do less of what you are doing now and do more of the highest and best use of your time, which is focusing on marketing and income expansion strategies.

If you are just starting out in your business, money may not be as available as you would like it to be. Pick the best and highest use of your money. In other words spend money where the money can work for you and bring you money. Well, actually you should always be doing this.

Example: You can’t write that well and you need to get the word out about your site/product. All you have is $20 bucks. Which would be the better place to spend your money – ads on Google or hire/outsource a writer to write an excellent Press Release article. The writer is the best choice. The article will give a return on your money for a long time as it gets picked up by other article ezines and blogs. At Google, once your money is spent it’s spent and you had very little if any control over it’s placement as an ad. However the article may show up in Google sometime in the future for free.

So, you have to have a “team” of some sort in place. A ‘Team does not necessarily mean a full time employee, but rather, especially when your just starting out, a person who is good at a certain task that you can hire on occasion or more frequently to do certain task for you so that you can perform more important functions and get more accomplished in your business.

Last, but certainly not least, is the whole idea of being in and around a “Success Environment” such as I have talked about before. There is nothing that can lift your thinking more and elevated your awareness to success than being around other Entrepreneurs and being coached, motivated, inspired, and yes sometimes kicked, by others.

The people who achieve the most success the fastest, based upon their goals and objectives, spend as much time as possible in environments that challenge them. Environments that help them aspire to higher level actions and ideas.

Ask yourself:

How much more could I achieve if I were given fresh, proven, profitable Marketing and Money Making Ideas each and every month?

How much more could I enjoy my life and family if I organized my business(es) to be ran by a team of people, services, and technologies, where my time would be freed up to focus on the most profitable thinking and doing, the marketing and income expansion of my business?

And, how much more impact could I make if I got together with other people, like-minded, and dedicated to Entrepreneurial success, people who experience and live similarly and who I could share ideas with, work on projects together, and join forces for success?

These three triggers of the Phenomenon will lead you to the most exciting time of your business life.

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