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Chris Mentor Me in Six Weeks To Success

September 15th, 2011 No comments

Six  Weeks  To  Success

by Chris  Farrell

Over  the  next  few  years more  and  more  individuals   from  all  walks  of  life will  realize  that  the  Internet  is   a viable  alternative to  make  money.

The   Internet   is   revolutionizing   our   society and   yet   it’s  still  an  infant.

However an  increasing  number  of   everyday   folk   are   discovering that   without   any   major  financial  investment, but  instead  with  a  bit  of   sweat   equity   and   a   healthy   dose   of   passion,  a   real   shot  at  creating  an  online  income is  something  very   achievable.

The  Internet  is  making  it  easier  to  live  where  we  want and   work   where   we   want  without   the   two   necessarily  being  the  same.

This   opportunity   has   never   been   seen   before   in   our   lifetime.    In  other  words:    the  Internet  =  FREEDOM.  Freedom  from  rising  living  costs, lack  of  job  prospects, uncertainty  in  the   markets….

In   this   short   report I’d   like   to   reveal   exactly   how   you   can   harness   the   power  of  the  Internet, even  if  you  are  a  complete  newcomer, and  create  a   successful  web  business  of  your  own.

And…  all  within  the  next  Six  Weeks!

What  is  Chris  Mentor  Me?

Chris  Mentor  Me  is  a  new  online  6  week  coaching program  created and   presented   by   Chris   Farrell    that  guarantees  success  within  6  weeks.
During  the  6  weeks  coaching  program  2  things   will  happen:

1   –   You   will   UNDERSTAND   how   a   web   business   works

2  –  You  will  make  your  first  $$$  online

I  realize  that  ‘making  money  online  within  6  weeks  ‘  sounds  a  grand  claim so   please  allow  me  to  explain  more.  But  firstly,please  let  me  explain  why  you  should  listen  to  me.

Why  Chris  Farrell?

I  began  online  in  2008.    And  I  came  from  having  no  previous  experience. Within  6  months I  began  having  my  first  $250/days   (not  every  day  but  certainly  a  lot).

Within  9  months  I  had  my  first  $1000/days.

In   August   2010  I   made   over   $1 million   in   sales  in   24   hours  with   a   product  I  co-­created  called  Affiliate  Dot  Com  (the  product  went  on  to  make   $2.3  million  in  5  days).

The  thing  I  am  MOST  proud  about  however is  that  I  have  been  voted  the   No.1   Internet   Marketing   Service   Online.      This   means   that   I   have   taught   thousands  of  people  how  to  start  their  own  successful  web  business.

So when  it  comes  to  making  money  online, not  only  do  I  know  how  to do  it, but  more  importantly I  know  how  to  TEACH  it.

Chris  Mentor  Me

I’ve  said  this  before  –  but  I’m  going  to  say  it  again.     Making  Money  Online  is  a  skill.  Just  like  plumbing,   or  cooking,  or  carpentry.    But  like  ANY  skill it  can  be learned.  That’s what a skill is something that is “learn-­able”.

When  all  is  said  and  done Making  Money  Online   comes  down  to  SELLING.
I  know  some  people  are  not  comfortable  with  this  but  I  say  respectfully  to those  people you’re  going  to  have  to  get  used  to   this.

It  doesn’t  matter  if  you  call  it  marketing,  networking,  or  any other name…  at   the  end  of  the  day it’s  selling  .  That’s  how  you  will  make  money  online.  Selling  something.

Want  to  hear  the  good  news? The  good  news  –  is  you  can  sell  anything online.
If  you  can  find  something  that  people  are  buying  (and  I’ll  show  you  how) then  you  can  sell  it.    That’s  pretty  much  all  it  comes  down  to.

Want  to  hear  the  great  news? The  great  news  about  an  online  business is  you  can  stand  on  the  shoulders   of  giants.    There  are  tools, free  tools, that  allow  you  to  see  actual  numbers   of  what  people  are  searching  for.

Think  about  this  for  a  second. We   can   actually   see   what   people   are searching  for.  Already   this   is   extremely   powerful   information   that   we   have at  our  fingertips!  Ten   years   ago   this   information   alone   would   have   taken   months   of research.  And  money.  Now   we   can   do   it   in   seconds and  for  free.

All  you  then  do is  position  yourself  in  front  of  these  hungry  crowds and  as  you know  ALREADY  what  they  are  looking  for  you  find  the  solution   (in  other words  a  product)  and  tell  them  ‘here  it  is!’

Everyone  WANTS  to  make  money  online  –  but  that’s  the  END  result. You can’t start  at  the  end  –  you  need  to  know  how  to  get  there.  You  need  to  know  a road map, a  process  ….a  SYSTEM.

Systems  work  –  its  people  that  fail.

And  there  is  a  PROVEN  SYSTEM  –  to  making  money  online.
And   Chris   Mentor   Me   will   teach   you   this   SYSTEM   –   step   by   step   –   click   by   click  –  over  the  next  6  weeks.  Chris   Mentor   Me   will   teach   you   the   EXACT   MAKING   MONEY   ONLINE   SYSTEM.

If  I  had  to  use  ONE  WORD  to  sum  up  the  entire  CMM  coaching  program  –   the  word  I  would  use  is:


In  fact  –  a  lack  of  understanding  –  is  the  single  most  common  reason  why
many  struggle  and  fail  online. However, once  you  UNDERSTAND  what  you  are doing two  things  happen.  1. Suddenly  you  stop  being  scared  of  this business.  2. It  becomes  a  lot  more  FUN!

Just   imagine   for   a   moment   –   ENJOYING   this   business   AND   making   money   from  it.  This   is   exactly   what will   happen   from   your   involvement   with   Chris   Mentor   Me.

The   aim   of   CMM  is   to   ensure   that   every   participant UNDERSTANDS  how   to   make  money  online.  The   single   biggest   stumbling   block   that   most   face   online  is   simply   a   lack   of   ‘what do I do and in what order’.  ONLY when  one  UNDERSTANDS  what  one  is  doing  –  can  results  be  achieved. So  CMM  is  two fold.

Not  only  does  Chris  Mentor  Me  GUARANTEE  that  every  member  will  make  money   during   the   6   weeks, but   more   importantly   (yes   there   is   something   more   important  than  making  some  $$!)  –  every  member  will  have  an  UNDERSTANDING   of  how  this  business  works  –  so  you  can  go  and  repeat  the  process  time  and  time   again.

How   Making   Money Online  Works

I’d   like   to   take   just   a   few   quick   minutes   –   to   explain   how   making   money  online  works.  There   are   3   steps   to   make   money   online. These  steps  are:  Find  a  Profitable  niche, Build  a  list  in  this  niche, Introduce related  products  to  your  list.

Chris  Mentor  Me  is  based  on  this  proven  and  solid  3  step  process.  During   the   6   week   coaching   program  we   will   work   on   building   your   own  successful  web  business  based  on  these  3  steps.

The  6  weeks  of  Chris  Mentor  Me  are  broken  down  as  follows:


Week  1  consists  of  two  steps.

Step  1:    YOUR  INCOME  BLUEPRINT: During  Step  1  –  I  will  explain  exactly  –  how  making  money  online  works. As  I  have  mentioned  earlier  –  there  is  a  3  step  process.

During  Your  Income  Blueprint I  will  break  down  this  3  step  process into easy   to   understand   and   manageable   bite-size   chunks.  Like   most   seemingly   complex   things, when   they   are   broken   down   and   explained, they   are   not   as   complicated  as  originally  thought.

Making   money   online   begins   by   positioning   ourselves   in   an   already   profitable  area.

But   how   do   you   find   a   profitable   niche?      And   what   is   the   difference   between  a  niche  and  a  market?   All  this  will  be  covered  in  Step  2  Niche   Navigation.

Week  2  –  Building  A  Bullet  Proof  Business.

Week  2  is  the  scary  ‘techie’  week!    But  as   you   will   discover there   is   NOTHING   to   worry  about!    And  dare  I  say  it it’s  also  a   lot  of  FUN.

In   week   2   –   together we   will   create   a   you  an  AMAZING  looking  website. Week  2  is  also  split  into  2  steps.

Step  1:  Techie  Time
Chris  Mentor  Me  has  struck  a  deal  with  Optimize  Press.    OP  is  the  Rolls  Royce  of   creating  AMAZING  and  easy to  use  websites.    With  just  a  few  clicks it’s  possible   to  create  professional  and  beautiful  looking  websites.  Every  participant   of   CMM   will   have   their   own   OP   license   (which   was   one   of   the   bonus’s  of  CMM).

Step  2:  Creating  Your  Compelling  Offer
Also  in  week  2  –  we  will  create  a  Free  Giu  –  a  Compelling  Offer  –  that  we   will  sell  at  the  website  that  we have  now  created.  You  will  AMAZE  yourself at  how  much  you  will  have  achieved  by  the  end   of  week  2!    But there  is  still  so  much  more  good  stuff  to  come!!!

Week  3  -is  called  SHOW  ME  THE  MONEY
By  the  end  of  week  3 every  member  of  CMM  will  have  made  their  first  dollar   online.  More  on  this  in  a moment. In  week  3 the  whole  ‘payment’  side  of things   is  addressed.

Week  3  is  split  into  3  steps.

Step  1:  Ready,  Aim,  Fire
I  will  explain  the  ‘ENGINE’  of  your  web  business.    By  that  I  mean together  we will  go  through  the  entire  ‘sales funnel’  online.  How   does   someone   who   purchases   your   product   actually   ‘get’   it?      What   is   a   ‘thank  you’ page?   How  do  we  get  a  product  ‘online’?     All  shall  be  explained  –  as   we  go through the  ‘engine’  of  your  web business.

Step  2:  Your  Payment  Platform
During  Step  2  –  I  will  explain  and  show  you how  to  take  payments  online   using  Paypal – it’s  very  easy and  great  fun!

Step  3:  Dollar  Domination
This  will  be  a  real  high! At  the  end  of  Week  3  –  you  will  make  your  first $$$$  online. This  is  how  this  will  be  achieved. Together  we  will  build  a  small list  using  our  new  website.  Then  using  this  list we  will  construct  an  email marketing  campaign  (just  like  all the  big  marketers  do)  to  promote  your Compelling  Offer.  And  as  you  will  see marketing  a  related  product  to  a  small list  of  people  that  are interested  in  this  subject  manner will  result  in  sales.

By  the  end  of  week  3  –  you  will  have  made  your  first  $$$  online.

Week  4  –Perpetual  Cash  Machine.
The  most  important  aspect  of  any  web  business  –  is  having  a  LIST.    Building  and   growing  a  list  interested  in  a  certain  profitable  area  –   is  the  difference  between  success  and  failure  online.

In  week  4  –  we  will  be  talking  all  about  your  LIST.

Week  4  has  3  steps:
Step  1:    List  Loyalty
100%  of  your  online  income will   come  from   your  list.  But  there  is  a  bit  more to  it  than  just  building  a  list, you  need  to  create  loyalty   with  your  list.    I  will show  you  how  easy  this  is  to  achieve  –  in  Step  1  of  week  4.

Step  2:    Gaining  and  Maintaining  Customers
This   is   the   nuts   and   bolts   of   list   building together   we   will   look   at   auto   responders, opt  in  forms and email  delivery.  Broadcast  messages  –  follow  up  messages  –  plain  vs  html  –  single  vs  double   o p t   in. Don’t   worry   if   some   of   this   sounds   alien   to   you   as   you   read   this  come   week   4   not    only   will  you   understand   all   this   but    you   will   also   discover  –  it’s  an  awful  lot of  FUN  too!

Step  3:    Wash,  Rinse,  Repeat
One  of  the  most  common  questions  I  receive  is  ‘what  do  I  say  to  people  when I   email  them?’  In  step  3  we  will  be  covering  this.    Plus  I  will  be  providing pre-written  sales   campaigns that  you  can  use.  On  top  of  all  this we  will  look at  how  to  build  an  online  relationship  ethically   with  people.
Which  brings  us  nicely  onto….

Week  5  -Transcending  Transactions
Week  5  is  all  about  building  repeat,  referral,  recommended  customers.   Again  there  are  3  steps.

Step  1:    Building  a  Business  Not  Just  a  Sale
How   to   keep   in   contact   with   your   customers.  How  to  treat  someone.    How  to   NOT   look   at   someone   as   just   an   email   address.  In   step   1   we   will   cover   how   to   continually   add  value  to  your  prospects  (a  prospect is   someone  that  has  signed  up  to  your  list  but   who   has   not   bought   anything   yet)  and   how   to   convert   these   prospects   to   paying   customers.

Step  2:    The  Warm  Call
The   Warm   Call   maybe   my   favorite   section   of   Chris   Mentor   Me!   In   this   step we  will  examine  how  ‘caring’  is  the  new  currency.  Social   Media   is   been   hugely   responsible   for   this.      The   priority   for   any   successful   business   has   to   be   principles   over   profit.      We   will   also   discuss   affiliate  marketing and  good  sources  of  related  products  for  your  list.

Step  3:    Productivity
If   you   are   interested   in   creating   your   OWN   product   –   there   has   never   been   a   bemer  (and  easier)  time  to  do  this.  Interviewing  an  expert  –  videos  –  MP’3  –  MP4’s.     Every  aspect  of  creating  your   own  product  is  covered  in  step  3.

Week  6  –  Traffic  Traffic  Traffic.   The   life   blood   of   any   business  is   traffic.  In   week   6  we   will   dedicate   a   whole week  to  Traffic.

Step  1:    A Attitude  Of  Gratitude
Principles   of   social   media,   good   manners   online,   social   media  relationships.

Step  2:    Building  a  Money  Magnet
In   Step   2   we   will   work   on   genera?ng   more   business   for   your   business.  Simple  but  powerful  traffic techniques that  are  fun and  that  work.    For  example, at  the  moment  I  am  generating  between  11,000  and  16,000  targeted  visitors  a  month using   Facebook.
And  talking  of  Facebook…

Step  3:    Facebook  Fellowship
In  Step  3  –  we  will  concentrate  on  further  FREE  sources  of  facebook  traffic  (and  there  are  lots!).

Bonus  Week

Now please  keep  this  to  yourself as  I  am  not  announcing  this  publicly, but   there  will  be  an  Unadvertised Bonus  Extra  Week!

Week  7  we  are  calling  Traffic  Triumph
During  this  bonus  week I  will  be  personally  revealing  and  sharing  with  you many  extra  traffic  techniques  that  I  use that  are  currently  allowing  me  to   generate  up  to  200,000  visitors  a  month.  And  what’s  even  more  amazing  is  all  this  traffic  is  for  free.

Chris  Mentor  Me  =  Making  Money  Online
So  that   is   how   Chris   Mentor   Me   works!    And   I   would   welcome   the   opportunity  to  share  this  all  with  you…Anything   worth   achieving requires   some   effort.   The   biggest   killers   of   success are  greed  and  impatience.
So  I  want  you  to  understand that  in  order  to  make  money  online  you   WILL  have  to  learn  some  NEW  skills first.  And   as   we   have   already   discussed, All   Skills   Are   Learn-able!

And   the   whole   purpose   of   Chris   Mentor   Me   is   to   teach  you  these  skills.  They  are  NOT  difficult and  you WILL  understand   them.  Do  NOT  be  scared. Do  NOT  wish  it  was  faster.  As  Jim  Rohn  once  said  ‘Don’t  wish that  things  were  easier  –  wish  that  you   were  better’.    Isn’t  that  wonderful!

Would  you  rather  I  sent  you  $1000  right  now…

…or  would  you  rather  I  spent  6  weeks  teaching  you how  you  can  go  and   make  your  own  $1000  online  time  and  time  again?  Allow  me  to  be  blunt  here.    Internet  Marketing  is  a  profession.  And  like  any  profession you  need  to  get  an  education.

Chris  Mentor  Me  is  your  Internet  Marketing  education.

The  cold  bare  facts  are  more  people  are  making  more  money  online  right   now than  ever  before.  Chris  Mentor  Me  will  allow  you  can  do  the  same.  This  will  be  achieved within  the  next  6  weeks!
And  don’t  forget I  am  GUARANTEEING  this!

Ok, that’s   all   for   this   special   report.    Thank   you   for   your   time   reading   Six   Weeks  To  Success.
I   would   be   thrilled   to   have   you   as   part   of   the   Chris   Mentor   Me   family.      If   you’d   like   further   information   about   this   opportunity   –   please   visit

To  our  online  success  –  together!


Chris  Farrell Voted  No.1  Internet  Marketing  Income  Coach