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Business not taking off like you want?

April 28th, 2011 No comments

Feeling a Bit Down? Business not taking off like you want?

“Calling Car 54 where is my business?”

I’d like you to take a few minutes and make a list of all the things you did accomplish this year.  Everything, even the tiniest little thing, think back, look around you, walk around and look. Do this from time to time, because it’s important to realize the good actions you are taking, the list you are getting done, and the progress you are making.

1) Where are you at versus your Goals for this year? Why?
2) Now make a List of all the Good, Productive, Profitable, things you’ve achieved this year.  Not the same list as above.  The above list is everything you did.  This list is specific – good, productive, profitable.

In fact, it doesn’t have to be the list of $100,000 ideas or business add-ons.  It could be simple marketing concepts you’ve now mastered, things you’ve tried, new projects you’ve gotten off the ground, things you’ve learned, new information you’ve gained.   Progress comes in all different shapes and sizes with all different ‘results’. You have to appreciate the little ‘wins’ you are making to ever get to the ‘big’ wins you deserve.  Then again there is the ‘I didn’t do a damn thing’ list.

Before you get to work, I’d like to share my thought for the moment and something that comes to my mind at this time in our economic history.  Many people have taken some degree of ‘hit’ or decline due to the economic situation and our ‘recession environment’.  Sure there are some people whose businesses are set up to thrive in times like these, others who adjust fast, cater to affluent clientele or are otherwise fortunate.  None-the-less, no one can deny (and I’m not denying it either) the impact of the economy… With that said, it can’t be an excuse, because you can’t take excuses to the bank, you can’t eat off of them, and you certainly can’t get rich by them.  There are millions of you trying this and so far none of you have succeeded.

So, if the economy has ‘hurt’ you, then your list for the rest of the year needs to be all the ways you are going to ‘move around’ it, change, be agile, flexible, transform your business.

Mainly, I ask you to take responsibility for your results, good and bad;  look at what went wrong, where were the gaps in your business, the voids in your plan, what detours should’ve been taken, what actions would’ve made all the difference?  The idea is not to beat yourself up but rather to recognize the defeating patterns and things that need to changed and improved upon.

This is in fact the reason why you should be a part of a entrepreneual mastermind group (or at least with your advisors or a mentor, at the very least someone other than yourself)  – because they should be challenging  your thinking, helping you adjust, forcing you to look at your business, your ideas, your strategies, and your results…  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Before you might have been able to get by, but now you can’t do it alone.”   Now more than ever you need to take a hard look at your business.

You don’t find success by making ‘incremental progress’.  Changing a little at a time, saving a little at a time, doing anything a little at a time…when times are good that may work – but now, you have to take dramatic, aggressive, intentional action.

Let me say something here.  When you first start out incremental may be all you can do.  Your new at it not sure what you are doing.  But that should be the only reason.  You should be striving everyday to get a handle on your business and when you do it’s time to take off.

When I say handle I mean things like getting a system together to make your business run more efficiently or to just to run at all.  You should be able to compartmentalize all elements of your biz, how it flows, what your biz is – be able to identify very clearly what your business does and how it does it, who it’s costumers are and be able to describe in detail your costumers, what is the value of your customers, your marketing system,  what brings in money what takes money out of your business, how’s the business cashflow, the statistics or reports of your business what do they tell you-do you know how to read them or are they useless to you?  These types metrics, systems and statistics should be established and known.  If you don’t have anything like this – get to work, you have no idea what you are doing.

Like trying to bake a cake.  You know you want a cake-you’re pretty sure.  You want to bake it-you think.  All the ingredients are in the kitchen-you think.  You have everything you need to get it done-you think.  So you go in the kitchen and get started.  What kind of cake did you want, did it need to be baked, what’s suppose to go in it, where are all the ingredients, what do you make it in, what does it look like, taste like…Basically you’re not sure and everything is in a mess…your business in a cake pan.  Oh, Wait!  Did it go in a pan?