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Blogging Underground for Real Back Links

April 27th, 2011 No comments

Link building, I thought I was.  I just put a widget on my site that shows me how many links I have.  I have been doing backlinking for a long time so I thought I was going to be bragging by showing how many back links I have.  I thought I was.

I only have 5 backlinks.  What the Hell happened?  I was embarassed at first…especially since the widget sits right below a backlinking ad, then I was kinda pissed.  5 back links.  What the hell was all that backlinking software all about?  taking my money?  Back link from my credit card to their bank account.  NONE of it is working.  the only links I have are from blogging underground.  To bad I was so lazy.  To bad I didn’t do more.

When I first started using blogging underground it was Article Underground and building backlinks was, to me, quite a tedious process so I got tired of it and quit.  Well I guess I’m not to smart.  5 ##$%$#@##! links that’s all!  And if it wasn’t for BU I wouldn’t have those.

Well lesson learned.  I will be using BU far more faithfully.  I will be watching my backlinks grow and my alexa ranking improve.  I will be getting traffic and my google ranking improve (since this site didn’t get hit with the big bad Panda).

5 back links and 1,860,989 ranking in Alexa.

I’m gonna leave the stats here and lets see how fast they improve.

Better luck to you, go get your Blogging underground membership and get real backlinks.