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October 4th, 2009 No comments

This is a quick one today.  Here are a couple of things you can do to add traffic coming to your blog or website or add to your list that your are building.

1. Let’s be sociable.  Why not make it easy for people to share you or find you again?  This plugin adds links to the bottom of every article allowing your users to share your articles with popular social networks such as Digg, Technorati, and Twitter. This helps people find your site when they are searching popular social networking sites and brings them back to your blog for more..

Sociable Plug-in

2. Blog pinging notifies blog servers that your blog has recently published new content. It shares your content across other networks, increasing your blog’s exposure, but excessively pinging these servers can get your site banned or blocked from future blog pinging. So you have to make sure that you are pinging these servers when necessary. This plugin will handle when and when not to ping these blog servers, optimizing how often you ping.

Ping Optimizer

3. Install optin forms on your blog.  This plug-in will help those who have not been able to do so because they did not know how and/or did not have the code.   This plug-in requires no code, just the ability to be able to download it and install.

Optin Form

4.  Here’s one I thought I would just throw in.  After all I only said a couple of things.  But I think you will like this one.  How would you like to put a banner on your blog where you want it to go?  Not where the blog wants you to stick it?   Well take a look I did just that.

Now I have banner ad at the top of my post under the title and within the paragraphs.  Not that you should make a habit of posting banners this way.  But this plugin can put banners in widgets, sidebars, top, bottom, middle of post and it can rotate several banners in one spot.  But best of all,  it can track your banner impressions and clicks.

Well now that my blog looks like a Christmas tree,  I’ll say the best of success to ya! Happy Holidays!!!

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