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Been Gone, Been Busy… Been Learning Something New

May 28th, 2010 No comments

Sorry for the long absence. Took time out to find something I can do in internet marketing and do well. Took time out to find a guru that gave you ALL the information you needed. In other words I found some non-guru’s that hang in a tight circle and are making good money. They went through the same b.s. and have designed some excellent systems for themselves with ALL the components in it.  Now they share it as a course.  And more importantly they have real live help and forums filled with people who care and will answer your questions QUICKLY! None of that several days to several weeks crap to get back with ya.

well gotta go.

It will probably be a couple more weeks before I am back. I’ll tell ya about then.

Hot DAMN I am making money (right now, nothing to right home about) my websites are starting to rank in google and they are getting good traffic (not stellar yet, but very, very good consistent growth traffic.


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