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Baby Boomers Here’s Something For YOU

September 6th, 2011 No comments

Baby Boomers…(that’s you if you’re between 42 & 60 – plus or minus a year or two) is retirement already upon you or starring you in the face?  You really want to retire and would like to travel and finally do things on your time schedule…But…the money looks like it’s gonna be a little tight so you’re thinking you’ll need to work longer or get some kind of part time work.

I do believe I can help you out.  I came across a great person who is helping me and others do just that.  Now before you lock the doors and hang out the NO SOLICITING sign, listen up or rather read on, I checked this guy out.  He has a free offer, actually several, where you can learn to do this without any catches.  Since I was beyond broke when I came across this offer I took the free.  And it’s free.

What the heck am I talking about?  Making Money Online.  I know you have checked out making money online and decided it was too complicated, spammy or costly to do.  Or maybe you have tried and lost a sock or shirt or two.  Or maybe you’re hanging in there and making money – but don’t have a clue if you’re doing it right or not.

I tried it on my own, since the guru’s were only interested in my money not answering my questions, and made a buck or two here and there.   But for every dollar I made I lost 100x that.  And of course Murphy’s Law set in and I also lost my job while I was really deep in the hole of debt.  I was not about to give up,  I had a hard drive full of internet marketing software and PDF’s.  Somehow or other that stuff was going to make me money.  It had helped me lose money sure enough and make someone else money.

Anyhow, enough of me back to the point of all this,  I was in a forum begging for help and the moderator sent me to this guy, Chris Farrell, heard of him?  Besides the fact I’ve got him pasted all over my website.  He has a free 26 video course on what a web business is and teaches you how to build a web business.  I took it…it’s good.

I finally began to understand things.  See he just doesn’t show you the steps, he explains the steps and why things are, he’s been there, he knows the frustration.  Well after that I took (still taking-I just started a short time ago) his Understanding Facebook course and his Create Your 1st Website by 3:45 This Afternoon.

I am starting to get the idea of how to use Facebook properly.  I never really liked Facebook before as I am not normally a social person.  And I really didn’t believe all these guru’s talking about getting hundreds of thousand of friends and making thousands of dollars.  Really didn’t believe them.  Chris shows the proper way to use Facebook and the how’s and why’s not just follow these steps.

And I’ve gotten off on a tangent.  Where was I? Umn…Oh yeah.  Your retirement.  Look, you can retire, can travel, can do things on your own schedule and can have that extra money.  Chris’s courses are thorough and he’s got a support team like no other.  They Care.

I was asking so many  that I finally started apologizing every time I asked one.  I felt like I was taking up way to much of their time and was totally stupid.  They told me to stop apologizing and keep asking until I understood.  And boy does everyone do just that.  No body has to feel stupid – you don’t get it…ask it.  (sorry, talking about me again)

I suggest, no, challenge you to take his courses.  So many of them are free.  They will get you started and on your way.  His courses do take time.  And there is work involved and you will get frustrated because, good old Murphy will step and mess things up for you, but the support team will hang in there with you – don’t give up whatever you do.

I had several encounters with old Murphy making sure things just kept going wrong( for 3 #@$#$ weeks), heck it had gotten so bad I finally ended up in tears.  But I was not going quit and a wonderful and very patient  technician from Australia, bless his heart, hung in there with me (he even ended up in the hospital, but as soon as he got out he was back online with me) till I figured out what was wrong.  You can’t ask for anything more than that.  (the issue turned out to be my browser-not the training)

Am I making money right now?  No.  I started in mid July and I am just finishing his I Love Traffic course.  Another good course.  Now I just gotta go do it.  A little fear here…I could actually be successful.  Between his traffic and Facebook course- a lot of information and a lot of SEO to do.  Working on it, that’s all I gotta do.

That’s another thing I like about Chris Farrell, he tells the truth.  The money comes, but it’s not a push button thing right off the bat.  You must build your business and Chris shows you how to build a very strong foundation-correctly and with understanding of the process.

He does this so that you could be anywhere in the world (with internet) and make money.  So take his course or courses and I do recommend joining his membership site to have access to even more good stuff.  Try it for free first then join.

It’s time for you to be free.

Thanks for reading my story, this was suppose to be about you not me.

To Your Success, Live Long and Prosper


p.s.  I forgot to mention that Chris has a newsletter called the Success Grenade that does a lot of free training.  I am getting it and I could learn how to build a website and a successful web business just through  reading this newsletter.  I am only on week 9, but I’ve been through autoresponders, keywords, building a customer list, building a squeeze page and more.

The newsletter is weekly and another thing I like about Chris Farrell is YOU DO NOT GET BOMBARDED with junk mail full of offers to buy some product from some other guru.  I sooo hate that.  If your product was so damn good why the heck are you pushing someone else’s product on me 50 times a week?  If and when I get an email from Chris I know something worth while is in it, so far free info on how to do something or a head’s up on something happening.  Success Grenade is just one of the many worth while benefits of joining and it is well worth it.



For those of you who want to dive in right away and go to the max, Chris is offering for the first time a 6 week Chris Mentor Me program.  Click the image below for more info.  I will say it’s not cheap, but for some of you it could be the perfect opportunity.  An opportunity it is.  The doors close very soon and no idea if he will offer it again.

Chris Mentor Me