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June 6th, 2010 No comments

What you should do:

Only write articles that you wrote or you have the exclusive rights to.

If you see a good article written by someone else and don’t want to mess it up, go ahead use the article, but make sure you give credit to the real author.  You can always rewrite the article in your own words with your own flare and opinions, just make sure you don’t copy.

Otherwise you will have just wasted your time as the search engines will not recognize this as new content.  And if you get to carried away with copying without author recognition there is a strong chance the search engines will ignore your site (ban you in some manner).  So much for getting traffic.
Deliver in the article body on the promise you made in the article title.

Surprising or not, the title of your article is important.  It should contain keywords, your important keywords for the niche you are in.  Keywords that are used in the search engines.    Then make darn sure that the content of the article is about those keywords.  Don’t use high traffic getting keywords to get traffic to your site and then write about something else.  The search engines will learn to not trust your site and not send you traffic.

Write content that has value and meaning.

Don’t write content that is so vague and bland you could make a dead person roll over and groan in agony.  Everyone of you has come across an article or two that has essentially said absolutely nothing.  Or even worse, included common-sense rehashed overly repeated tips or advice. I am telling you now, don’t go there. And you had better not be using bloated words & sentences to simply meet word count minimums. You would be better off not writing at all.  Silence can be golden.  Brevity is appreciated by all.

Make sure your content is readable.

I really don’t know where the idea that poor spelling and grammar means original home grown content got started.  Let me get this straight – it does not. Your readers have got to be able to read it and understand it.  Depending on your niche a little bit can be acceptable to absolute perfection is the only thing acceptable or you will lose all creditability.  Please check out what is a the accepted norm for your niche.

All the traffic in the world is not going to help you if people can’t read and/or understand what you’re trying to say.  If they don’t trust you they won’t buy from you.

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