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Article Writing Template

March 1st, 2011 No comments

This one is an easy one and will definitely make it easier to write articles.  Not every article will fit this template but most will, especially if you look at it from this point of view.  Think of a new costumer as  being trapped and desperately needing an escape, a way out, you have that way out, you share a couple of tips to help them and then tell them to go to your site for more (resource box or text backlink).

The Knight in Shining Armour Trap and Escape Article Template.

Everybody has been trapped or felt that way occasionally. Whether it was from a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, etc… event or situation, everybody has been there.   Now in come you on your big white stallion to save the day with your expertise by delivering a part of the solution or escape plan.   They follow you, the gallant knight, home (resource box to website) to get the rest of the elixir and further learn how to forever escape from their dreadful trap.


Okay here is how it goes if I lost you above.

Make a list of every trap/problem  you know someone in your ideal target market has goten into on purpose or by accident.  This should be easy, but in case you need help go to your target market blogs that let people talk about their problems.  All else fails make it up from your friends or neighbors or soap operas.

When writing the article only list one trap per article but you can list a single or multiple ways to escape in each article.

In the first paragraph clearly define the trap.  Also include a few short lines about why it’s bad to be in that type of trap.  Stuff like – all the things they are missing, can’t do, shortcomings.  The stuff that really makes it painful for them to be in that trap.  Rub it in.

Example: Overtraining for your next running event might be the trap and it’s bad because overtraining can lead to burnout, injury or decreased performance. Stir the pain up by selling them on the idea that being caught in the trap won’t help them achieve their goals, even cause them failure.  Have 2 or 3 ideas on this.

Another way is you could sympathize with the reader as to why they are not alone and that many before them have fallen into this trap for the following 2-5 reasons.  How you do it depends on how you write the article

This is Important: Make it extremely obvious where in your article the reader can quickly scan to get your escape route ideas. Don’t hide this deep inside your article or let the reader to think they have to visit your website to find the escape plan.  Remember, you want them to visit so they can find out more.  Don’t force them to your site.  Make it their idea to go to your site.  Better chance of a sell this way.

So you can say something like here are a few tips that will help, but because of time or space constraints here in the article much more info is back at the site.

Back to article…Then you jump into how you can clearly show them you are now going to help them escape from the trap they have found themselves in (remember it’s not their fault).  Give the reader a clear path from their current locked position of being in the trap to how to escape the trap by way of  your unique ideas, strategies, tips, suggestions and secrets.

After you’ve helped them to escape the trap, show them how they never have to get caught again in the same trap by visiting your site for more detailed information.

Conclude with a quick summary of the trap as you defined it; the most common ways to escape it and how the reader will benefit by following your advice.

So start brainstorming all of the different traps your ideal target reader may find themselves in as it relates to your niche and expertise. You’ll be amazed how fast the rest of this article will almost write itself once you do the hard part of identifying the most common traps & your specific advice for how to escape.

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