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Tips for an Affiliate Review Landing Page

June 4th, 2010 No comments

Learn about one component you can add to your affiliate marketing campaign that will boost your income by 20% in 24 hours.  You will learn the most important factors of this component and exactly how to get sales conversions like crazy.

What is this one strategy?   One simple thing… Landing pages.  NOT the merchants sales page.

What is landing page?  A landing page is a single page on your website that your traffic is sent to upon clicking on your ad or any other sort of contextual link that leads to this sort of page.

The point of this kind of page is to have outgoing links to the merchant web pages through your affiliate links. It’s sole purpose is to promote the respective merchants’ products through your affiliate links to earn a commission.

Landing pages are useful in many ways. Through testing, I have found a simple landing page can boost my sales by conversions 20% or even more. This is because you can use your landing page to take out all of the guess work for the visitor. If you can answer a question for the visitor, without them having to leave your landing page to do more research, you are more likely to convert that person to a sale.

Usually there are two types of landing pages. One being a testimonial type landing page (be very careful with these-new laws in place), the second (and more popular) being a review type landing page.

In this article some of the key components of a review type landing pages that can explode your affiliate sales if optimized correctly.

A good headline is essential on any landing page. A good headline will list a major benefit of the product(s) you are promoting. This gets the attention of the visitor and tells them whether it is worth their time to stay on your page or not.  Will it solve their problem.

Headline Example:
‘Discover How You Can Add 30-50 Yards of Laser Guided Precision to Your Golf Stroke’

Through testing  I have found that landing pages that target and review 3 to 7 products converted  better than promoting 1,2 or more than 7 products.  3 to 7 products keeps your visitor focused.  Adding any more products can confuse your visitor causing them to leave your site forever.  Less products does not give your visitor enough of a choice and they are more likely to have to do more research (off of your page) to find the best solution.

Brief product descriptions allow you to outline each products pros and cons. If you can Identify a certain con that your visitor is searching for in the products you are promoting, your sales can go crazy.

Some people are visual learners. Giving these visitors a visual representation of your review can drastically increase the click through rate. Also these images are good to break up the monotony of text on your landing pages.

Images should be linked to the merchants sites as prospective buyers often expect these images to take them to the site in which they can obtain the product or service.

Exit points are simply links to the merchants sites that contain your affiliate ID. You should have multiple and blatant exit points so the buyer does not have to search to find the link.

You can include exit points on images, call to action statements, as well as other things on your landing page. The main goal is to make these extremely visible.

A well constructed landing page can drastically improve conversions and boost sales. If you expect to construct an attractive landing page, I suggest either becoming fluent in HTML and/or purchasing an html editor such as Macromedia Dreamweave or outsourcing.

These products are quite expensive, but have a large array of features that you can use to virtually achieve any look or feature on your page.

There’s also a great FREE HTML editor over at NVU.  This is nearly as good as anything you could pay for, so if you’re strapped on cash, grab that.

Your landing page need not look like it cost a millions dollars, but rather clean simple and functional.  Too many graphics, glitter, animation and obvious sales pushing jargon will send the prospect somewhere else – quickly!

Remember you get 3-5 seconds to catch their attention.  So you had better let them know that you have the solution to  solve their problem right away.

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