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Absolutely Nothing Like a Crash to Put a Damper On Your Day

August 21st, 2009 No comments

I have owned mac computers for 12+ years.  Not once has one crashed and burned.  Compared to my Windows pc, my macs are immortal.  It had lived through everything – storms, power outages, operator headspace, kids, idiots who think they know everything about a mac, being used as a table top, handwarmer in winter, lots of traveling, dents and scratches and just plain old life.

Then on Tuesday it died after the thunder storms the previous day shut the power off 9+ times .  It was unplugged, but apparently I missed a storm. 

Ya know the mac had the nerve to die when I was very, very busy on it trying to accomplish several projects at once and was doing a darn good job of it.  It totally ruined my laid out schedule, brought everything to a screeeching halt!  HOW DARE IT!  Couldn’t it have given my a sign first?  Sent a message?

It knew I had not backed up anything, nothing, nada.  And dear old mac tried to take everything with him.  He must have felt abused and under appreciated.  I had been working around the clock for 3 days straight and I guess he couldn’t take such schedules any more.  Macs had always gotten me through.  I am pissed. 

For 3 days I was without a computer and I was in the middle of a big project and making headway.  Everything thing I needed was on that computer.  I thought I had a back up mac, but found out it could not be used.  The processor was different and the disk space was 1/5 of what it needed to be.  Oops!

Emergency expenses suck.  $2000+ for a new 13″ macbook pro until the big 17″ gets repaired at a cost of $1240.  The 13 will be my back-up computer and this time I will use not only time machine but an external drive as well. 

I mean macs don’t crash, what do you need back up for?  Well I guess they do crash.  I thought it was a myth.  If it turns out to be power surge problem I can get my insurance company to pay for parts replaced and I can get my Belkin power surge protector to pay up as well.

I tell you what I was very frantic for 3 days.  The old macbook pro was starting to degrade and we couldn’t get the data off of it to transfer to the new mac.  Now power, no hard drive, no response to any test.  Then suddenly It came back to life one more time and gave up the data.  Whew!  I had no copy of any of the software or files I had on it. 

To make things worse the nearest Apple store was 75 miles away!  I was driving back and forth for 3 days trying to get my mac back.  That totally ruined my schedule.  Now trying to get use to this new mac and tiny screen is something else.

Lesson Learned:  Make sure you have a compatable back up computer, not just your data backed up.  My other mac was not compatable (different processor’s) nor big enough to handle data(60G and almost full vs 250G at over half full).  Even if I had the data backed up somewhere I still could not get to it.

Warning!  Apple Care has changed their policy for repairing damaged computers.  Use to be you could turn in a damaged one and get a new one for free.  So people took advantage of it and abused it.  So now if you have any dents, dings or scratches on your computer you will have to pay $1240 before it is sent in for repair.  Ouch!  It doesn’t matter what the repair cost is that is what you will pay. 

Oh yeah! Make sure you get a laptop cover for your laptop.  Those dents are a killer on the warranty.