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6 Reasons Why You Fail at Business Online or Off

June 7th, 2011 No comments

6 Forces That Strangle You Into Losing

by Stephen Pierce

Force #1: Self-Destructive. When a person lacks purpose, a mission and a true meaning to life, they tend to minimize who they are and miss what they can become… They lose their identity in the ideas of others and self-destruct as they tap their feet and bob their heads to someone elses song.

Force #2: Overextended. Many people practice the horrible art of “Doing too much.” It’s not about how much we can do as much as it is how much we can do right. Overextension blinds you to results as you get swallowed up with being busy. It all amounts to a bunch of running in place activities. Some would say… “you can never do enough” …I would argue… “you can always be doing too much.”

Force #3: Distracted. Like the unnecessary slowness of traffic because people are minding other people’s business …aka… too much rubber necking. In life many people get so caught up thinking about what others think about them, regretting their past, worried about their future and overwhelmed in the present… they’ve become too distracted to live. Stop rubber necking into your past regrets or into the worries about your future. You don’t need more focus… what you need… is to CONTROL the focus you have.

Force 4: Inefficient. Many people complain about not having enough resources while at the same time wasting the resources they have. So, how many of these hidden wastes are sucking the blood out of your life? Goal Aligning Waste, Process Waste, Reliability Waste, Scheduling Waste, Waiting Waste, Assignment Waste, Error Waste, Checking Waste, Missing Information Waste, Inaccuracy Waste, Work-In-Process Waste, Moving Things Waste, Paper Shuffle Waste. do you really need more? Start economizing and leverage the resources you do have.

Force #5: Undisciplined. Discipline isn’t something someone does to you (ie: martial arts, military). It’s something you decide to have for yourself. Three primary symptoms of lacking discipline are: 1. Lack of focus, 2. Inconsistency and 3. Impatience. However the secret sauce of self-discipline is self-esteem. Build your self-esteem and you can swing the sword of discipline like a samurai master.

Force #6: Untrained. Many believe that the game of life and business is won by the person or team with the most gifts and talent. I vehemently denounce that notion and argue that the game is won on “attitude” and “skills.” Attitude you can control, and “skills” you can build. You have now been set free because this simply means to win, all you have to do is acquire the right attitude and practice it daily… and you can drill the skills, daily. But oops… the hurdle here is, while most people want to be great… they don’t want to prepare to be great. And thus they leave the attitude to the reactions of the moment and not building the skills to a stronger belief in their limitations, not their unlimited potential.