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6 Important Activities You Can Profit From Now

February 27th, 2011 No comments

Goals, Have Any?

44  weeks still to go in 2011.

Well, that’s plenty of time to accomplish planned goals for 2011 with well over 1/2 a year left, so you should make the most of it…What?  You don’t Have Any?  (Santa Claus will take note of this) You naughty naughty internet marketer.

I’ll share with You 6 activities to start working through within your life and business as you look toward 2011 and 2012. Zig Ziglar had a couple sayings that hit home right about now, “You get what you inspect” and “How can You hit a target you do not have”.  Get it.

So, get busy setting up targets for 2011 – now, AND, inspecting what’s been going on in 2010.  What’s got to go for 2011.

For now here’s how to get ahead, finish 2011 strong, and start planning (now) your goals for the New Year 2012.  Below are listed the activities that can make this happen.  If you decide to.

1. Assess your performance and results.
Take a hard look at where you are and where you wanted to be (last years goals), then reflect on your results – good, bad, or indifferent. This is not the time to get emotional. Do this as if you are evaluating someone else’s business. If you had no goals, do the best you can with the ideas you had in your head for the year.  But you can start your goals now.  Read on.

NO woulda, shoulda, coulda, tried to, almost, nearly, not my fault, totally blind-sided, didn’t have time, I didn’t know excuses. Just look at the numbers. Make a list of all the things that went well, all accomplishments big and small.

Don’t forget the accomplishments, they are very important for your psyche. We are always so busy berating ourselves for failures. Failure is just a negative word for experience. Always take the time to learn from your experience.

2. Steps to improve and pats on the back
First pat yourself on the back for surviving another year of being in the trenches as an Entrepreneur / Business Owner and the progress and accomplishments you’ve achieved. Then make a list of specific things you can improve in your business that in hindsight could have made an impact in your results.

Don’t turn a blind eye to all of those experiences you had. Learn from them. Why did it happen, how did it happen (no pointing fingers) and how could it happen again. If it had worked out what would have happened and would the end result have been profitable?

3. Analyze what to eliminate and change.
This won’t be the last time you hear this one, it’s important. Write out all the things that stood in your way, obstacles you encountered, and energy/time/money drains. Then strategize actions to eliminate these.

4. Look for opportunities & make a List of what’s next.
Major profit and wealth building is found right here in number four. It’s all about ensuring growth year to year.   It’s the important philosophy and modus operandi of the Ultra Successful Entrepreneurs – Your Business Should Always Be Changing – and you should always be on the look out for opportunities to take advantage of with your business and developing the “what’s next”!

Don’t remain stagnant. What happens to a stagnant pond? It eventually dies. Be dynamic. It’s hard to do if you don’t know your business and what your business is doing. So you might not be so fast to change things. When you finally get it working is NOT the time to sit down. Keep going, keep changing, meaningful changes that will grow the business. You’ll get the hang of it.

5. Re-Invent Your Business & Reverse Engineer Your Goals.
Business Re-Invention is where the Big Money is! There is hidden money around you and you can find it with a little work. Most Entrepreneurs try to achieve their goals by chance…gradually…luckily. Sustained Success in all cases, especially financially, is strategically planned and this is why it’s important to Plan your New Year, before it happens, reverse engineer your success for 2011.

Many people plan, but they don’t know how to put their plan to work. Start at your completed goal. Then think of all the steps it take to make that go happen. Just before the goal is completed what needs to be done…what tasks/steps does it take to make that happen…then go and list the steps needed to make that happen. Keep this up – going backwards in your steps until you get to your very first step. Be detailed. list the amount of time each step will take, what resources you need, the cost involved, who or what is doing it, when it will begin and when it should end. Then go mark on your calender the first step of your goal to the very last step of your goal.

Some of you think goal writing is all about listing a thousand things you want to have. NO. It’s about getting from point A to point B because it will improve or enhance you or your business. It is what is necessary to keep growing and learning, ever evolving. Being dynamic. Being successful.

If you truly reverse engineer a goal, most of you would want nothing because you would see how much work needs to be done. Then you will also see why you usually fail to reach your goals and why you need help, why you can’t do it alone. A goal is a lot of work. You will find yourself asking do I really want it and why?

Re-invent your business?  Sometimes your business it not what you thought it was.  If what it is now is working then go with it.  Take the what it was and give it to some else to manage, sell it, make it the core business, but  take a different direction with your new business.  Expand your business in a new direction as the opportunities come.

6. Planning for your first 90 days – Outline Your Marketing Calendar.
That’s the toughest one, especially for internet markers. But it can be a breeze once you get a marketing system together. You can bet the guru’s have figured it out. I’ll give you a hint. It’s a fine cross between phsycology and getting traffic conversions.

But once you have your system solidly in place, then you can start manipulating it to see if you get a better response. I think that’s called testing. ;}

Oh dear I’ve done a lot of talking.  This marketing system I will hit in more detail later.

Have a good day.