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3 BIG Mistakes That’ll Sink Your Business Ship

March 11th, 2011 No comments

I ask you three important questions:

1.  Have you articulated your goals and objectives and strategized a written practical plan to follow

2. Have you hit the ground running and have made progress towards your goals

3. Have you begun to aggressively eliminate things standing in your way of progress

And a bonus questions, just for you:
Are you setting yourself up for failure or success?

I know what my answer is to all of these questions.  How about you?

Here are 3 big mistakes that will sink your ship on its way to success!

First, thinking that ‘incremental’ (slow) growth will get you to your goals and/or make you rich in this recession.  What I mean by that is not in terms of investing and saving, etc (which I do and recommend), and I’m not talking about ‘winning the lottery’ rich over night either (sorry).  I’m talking about people who think doggie paddling in business will results in success to some degree.  Did I hit sore spot?

Well in the fast moving waters of the real world, your business will certainly go nowhere.  Are you starting to figure that out?

The way to make real measurable progress and sustain it – is to do ‘more, better, differently’ what works and what makes you money.  Constantly look for the ‘bigger’ opportunities in your business and not settle for gradual progress, but radical improvements.  The truth is you can’t change one little thing at a time and expect to survive in this New Economy…

Second, guaranteed to set you up for failure is dream ‘ideas’ thinking that, like the ‘Secret’, you just have to believe, talk about them enough, and sit in the right direction and your bank account will magically grow( Oh how I wish it did and would – I’d be the richest person on earth).

Of course it’s sounds silly as you read it, however too many people, the majority in fact, do this very thing – they talk about ideas but never talk about how to DO the ideas, they never put them into motion, they never take action, they never walk the walk, get dirty, make mistakes, try and try again… Mainly because of:  Fear.  Lack of confidence.  Uncertainty.  False sense of hope.   No direction! Of course it doesn’t have to be that way.

2 things you can do immediately to change your outcomes are:

FOCUS – on a specific ‘something’ that you want to add, implement, change, expand in your business and force yourself to get it making money by the end of the month (Ouch! Work Ahead).  And repeat this FOCUS each and every month with a new and different ‘something’.  You’ll get the hang of it, then you’ll be able to do it weekly, then daily.  It’s about action with a commitment to the ‘SPEED TO THE MONEY’ philosophy. BTW it does work, just keep at it.

Next, if you’re smart, you’ll put yourself in an environment that supports your success, and also helps to ‘healthily force’ you to take action and get off your ass.  That’s in large part the point and reason to attend and get involved in an mastermind group of serious, ambitious and aggressive people.

It will overcome each of the obstacles listed above…
No more Fear, because you meet other people doing it already Increases Confidence, because you’ll have little wins and growing successes to share with your group.  You’ll become Certain of success because each month you’re around it.  Because such groups are all about action and results, not hoping to get rich – but actually doing it!

Finally you’ll get more than direction, you’ll get specific marketing and money making strategies, a network of like-minded Entrepreneurs, and a success environment with proven ideas to results methods and concepts.

Sure it’s easy for me to say all this, its up to you to get to your monthly meetings, commit to improve yourself and your business, you’ll see just how powerful it is.

It’s about what it takes to succeed!  Not my opinion, proven facts, success is a pattern of behaviors, getting rich is too.

Never stop learning, never stop growing, and make sacrifices to put youself in the environment that leads to wealth and stop doggie paddling.

Finally, I got one more BIG mistake for you, and it’s perhaps the biggest one of all.  It’s also the one that so many of us are contemplating and falling victim right now…

Being Cheap & Easy – pardon any offense, however give me a few seconds to justify my lingo.

Let’s face it, we all like a good deal when we can get one, and perhaps you yourself look for specials and save coupons, whatever – there’s a difference between being frugal, smart, and cheap!

And we all look for ‘easier’ ways to get things done, outsourcing, automation, internet, etc  – there’s a big difference being working smart, efficient, and always looking for the easiest way out of laziness, convenience, or plain selfishness.

Right now when times are tight, our common sense get’s socialized, as in Cheap and Easy, “woe as me”, isn’t there an easier way, why can’t someone hand me success.  Then, instead working harder, doing more, making more – you are forced to cut more out.
Hey – you know the bumper sticker – “life’s a &*#$%” – and while from time to time people might say the same thing about you (and me, no doubt) but that doesn’t make it true and it sure isn’t an attitude that will lead to success.

Thoughts ARE significant
Behavior IS vital

And when you try to cheapen success by getting rid of the ONLY things you can be certain are leading you in the right direction – you’re simply crazy.

So now is the time to ask yourself, where in my life am I being CHEAP & EASY and sabotaging myself on my road to riches and success in my life and business.
Let me be blunt –

If you’re committed to success, some sacrifice is on the menu and it’s served with every dish.  Don’t mislead yourself and think you can get what you want by cutting back on the things that you need, you may have to find different ways of doing things, but the only way you’ll get what you want is to work harder, be more aggressive, acquire more knowledge, follow those who are successful, get around people with the right attitude, right directions, right ambitions, right mindset, right behaviors.

If this comes across as a ‘lecture’ perhaps it’s hitting you at the right time, before it’s too late…for you.
Because successful people are resourceful, they are determined, they are aggressive, and they are demanding on themselves, they do what I like to call – STACK THE DECK IN THEIR FAVOR.

To recap,
Make big bold aggressive changes to your business, think “more, better, differently” and look for opportunities to capitalize on, don’t settle for incremental growth and don’t get stuck in the day to day cycle of business…

FOCUS on turning your ideas into Actions and results.
Assess yourself, be honest, and don’t be CHEAP & EASY – invest more in what you need to be successful, and DON’T by tickets to pity parties, they are far more costly than just the admission.  Excuses lead to “everybody else-it is” meaning you’ll be just like everybody else.  Rise up, accept the challenge of Entrepreneurship…it’s already lonely enough, don’t think you can make it on your own, no one can, and again, not my opinion, fact.  Read the book (you don’t need to agree with all of it) called Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell  where he makes that exact point, scientifically.

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